How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

If you are wondering how you can preserve the beauty of your costly engagement ring, you have just landed on the right page
Cheerful woman with engagement ring
Cheerful woman with engagement ring

An engagement ring is one of the most precious jewellery you can ever have. Most people treasure their engagement rings, especially when the ring is made of Gold, diamond, or other valuable metals.

However, even the most expensive rings can lose their brilliant sparkle if you don’t take good care of them. 

If you are wondering how you can preserve the beauty of your costly engagement ring, you have just landed on the right page!

Here are 8 tips to help you take care of your engagement ring:

Clean Your Engagement Ring Often

Keeping your ring clean will help in maintaining its sparkle. Most jewellers recommend cleaning a ring two to four times a year.

It will help if you don’t use bleach or any abrasive chemicals as they could damage your ring. Use warm water, soap, and a soft brush while cleaning the ring. 

 If possible, take your ring to your jeweller for cleaning. They know how to handle such precious jewellery.  

Take Your Ring for Professional Checking Two Times a Year

Your ring could get loose or bend after wearing it for a long time. Thus, some stones may end up falling without you realizing it. 

If you want your ring to remain beautiful all along, take it to jewellery experts for checking. They will ensure that the prongs are well held.

Choose a Ring That Has Warranty

Generally, good diamond sellers provide a warranty for their jewellery items. They offer services like repair and replacement to their clients in cases of manufacturer defects.

If you are looking forward to buying an engagement ring with a warranty, make sure that you choose your ring from the reputable jewellery store singapore

Store the Ring Safely

When your ring is not on your finger, it is prone to damage or theft when not well kept.

Prevent your prized engagement ring from damage by keeping it in a safer place. When you are not wearing it, you should store your ring in a jewelry box or the box it came in.

Insure Your Ring

The sentimental value of your sparkling engagement ring cannot be easily replaced. You can buy insurance for your engagement ring immediately after you acquire it.  

In case it gets stolen, damaged or lost, you will be eligible to claim for your full financial compensation from your insurance company. 

Besides, the value of precious metals rises over time. So, you can have your diamond or gold ring appraised. 

Don’t Remove When in Public

While washing hands is inevitable in public restrooms, you should not remove your ring as you may forget it on the sink ledge. The ring could also fall down the drain, and you might not have it anymore.

You should also be cautious when swimming as your finger could shrink, leaving room for the ring to slip off. 

Avoid Touching the Centre Stone

The centre stone of your diamond ring requires extra care. The reason is that this stone is like a magnet to body oil and dirt. 

When putting on your ring or removing it, try not to touch the stone as this could make it look dull and hazy. 

Remove the Ring When Undertaking Hands-on Activities

When doing activities like gardening, playing sports, or even cleaning the house, take off your ring for more safety. 

This will keep it safe from harsh chemicals that could otherwise damage your ring. Avoid exposing your ring to needless tear and wear. Remember, when a diamond breaks, it cannot be fixed.

With those great tips, now you can take good care of your engagement ring. Keep it brilliant and don’t let it fade so soon!

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