Jewellery Style – Tips to Make Sure Your Bling Always Looks Its Best

We live in an age where jewellery is adored by men and women alike. From statement necklaces and bulky bracelets to signets rings and over-sized earrings, these fashion items are fundamental when heading out.

Whether you’re going to the office or at a fancy party, accessories are a must. They complement an outfit, making it appear chic, modern and attention-grabbing. However, both men and women must learn to define and polish their style. Less is more, remember that!

Wearing Statement Jewellery

How do we wear statement jewellery? The basic rule is to create balance. If you’re wearing a colourful strapless dress, you can’t wear a statement necklace that’s even more colourful and sparkly. This will only charge your outfit, and the end result will be a kitsch outfit that screams bad taste. Bold, structural necklace should be worn with the simplest clothing pieces. An A-line white dress might look plain and boring. However, adored with a statement bracelet and broche it will look incredibly glamorous and chic.

Know your limits when accessorizing your outfit with jewellery. Chandelier-like earrings with gems and precious stones are best combined with high-waste pants, heels and a basic shirt. Use your accessories to create movement, and let your earrings define your style. The basic aspect of your clothes will make everyone focus on your ear pieces, not to mention that your facial features will instantly be brightened up as well.

Rings and Bracelets

Rings and bracelets are accessories that emphasize a woman’s hands. For the effect to be wow, make sure your manicure is impeccable. Apart from standard wedding and engagement bands, women can also wear signets and statements rings. A signet ring personalised engraving will scream originality. Everyone will appreciate a custom piece aimed solely at you. It can feature an interesting etch or engraving with a significant message. Regardless, for a signet ring to grab attention, it must be made of quality materials. Gold is the best because it exudes elegance; however, silver or stainless steel materials are equally viable options for women on a budget.

Striking Jewellery Sets

Jewellery sets are recommended at black tie events. A nice golden necklace with matching earrings will definitely make that little black dress of yours stand out. Wear your favourite set at a wedding, cocktail party or any other formal event and all eyes will be on you. We cannot stress enough the importance of quality jewellery. There’s no need to invest in the most expensive platinum necklace and earrings if you can’t afford it, but it is important to choose non-corrosive materials.

Trendy Jewels – Brass and Other Materials With an Industrial Effect

Jewellery trends change from season to season. This year, brass is in the lead and accessories made of brass are quite striking. The “dirty-like” colour of this material will give your wardrobe a royal-like allure. Brass is extremely versatile. It can be blended with materials that are less glamorous, such as leather. A long boho-chic necklace paired with a long beachy dress will make you look stunning at any casual party.

Graphic Jewellery

Graphic jewellery pieces are extremely visual. Inspired from the world of graphic design, these are perfect items for free-spirited women who are not afraid to exude an original sense of style. Hexagonal bracelets with 3D insertions, bold signet rings with outstanding crests, and overly sized bracelets are a must-have this summer. Complement these jewels with structural clothing. Asymmetrical skirts, ripped jeans, lace tops with V necklines and open backs are all excellent choices for a complete boho-chic outfit.

As far as men are concerned, their choice in jewellery is a bit more conservative. Leather bracelets paired with fancy wristwatches, signet rings, tie clips and cufflinks are the norm. For them to exude elegance, they have to focus on quality materials as well. Gold and silver are highly preferable because they’re non corrosive and they last for ages. However, if you’re wearing a stainless steel watch, you might want to stay away from yellow gold. These two don’t go well together and should be worn separately.

Define your sense of style by investing in jewellery that speaks to you. Use your creative spirit to craft a wardrobe of your own, and don’t hesitate to think outside the box to make a memorable impression on people.

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