Why Should You Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

One can safely argue that the wedding is the grandest event that could happen in a lifetime. No other occasion comes close to the level of preparation and investment needed for such an event to happen.
Photographer reviewing photographs on digital camera
Photographer reviewing photographs on digital camera at park

With the wedding bearing significant meaning and value in one’s life, it is no wonder the role of a wedding photographer is almost always vital.

It is a general expectation that the nature of the wedding requires a higher level of photography. There are a brave few, however, who would dare stray from that notion. The truth is most of these few who go against the grain do want professional-level photography, but chose otherwise due to costs.

That is not so surprising, especially since prices for an average wedding photographer are anywhere between $1,150 and $3,000. In terms of its weight on a couple’s finances, the cost of professional photography could easily be at least 12% of their overall wedding budget.

That is a big deal of money, and enough reason for many to go for non-professional options. Some would then say that the same amount could be better off as payment for the “more essential” aspects of the wedding.

That argument is valid enough and well-taken. Nonetheless, the following points are at stake when one decides to skimp on the wedding photography service.

Lose the Light

A photographer worth his or her salt knows too well the importance of lighting on every shot. One could say a working knowledge of light and illumination is a default skill of every professional photographer. An amateur photographer then begs the question of whether such expertise is present or barely there.

A wedding held during daylight hours could quickly provide excellent lighting for any level of photographer. It is a far different situation when the sun has just set or when the occasion is in the evening. Evening shots are very tricky and require specific cameras and equipment tweaked for low-light, high-contrast shots.

Low-light, high-contrast? Your friend who offered to shoot your wedding for free might not even know what those terms mean.

Low-light photography requires careful adjustments of exposure values through shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. If your wedding photographer makes no such adjustments or, worse, have no idea what those are, then be ready. There is no telling how awful your wedding pictures would turn out at this point.

Lose the Memories

If the duration of your wedding lasts right before sunset, you could perhaps avoid the low-light mishap described earlier. Your photographer friend could then snap away in confidence, believing there is no way he or she could mess up. Besides, what could go wrong when the photographer is using a DSLR?

A typical misconception by many is that any photographer could get better-than-average shots with a high-end camera. To a certain extent, that is true, and only if you set the bar to your wedding photography to “better-than-average.”

If you are content to revisit your wedding day through better-than-average photographs every time, then you could benefit from an amateur. Case closed.

The problem with better-than-average pictures is they hardly stand apart from all other photos that you have. Other than the indications that you wore something different and you had beautifully garbed guests, the glamor and meaning of the occasion are either dimmed or lost. So, if you find no excitement going back to your wedding photos, then that means one thing.

Your photographer failed to make those memories count.

If you make certain investments with the hope of getting substantial ROI, then it is the case with your wedding photographer. The question is, do you want to capture the beauty, glamor, and meaning of your most special day and have it preserved for a lifetime? If your answer is yes, then, by all means, get the best professional photographer you can find.

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