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You Can Get Your Friend to Photograph Your Wedding, But…

One can safely argue that the wedding is the grandest event that could happen in a lifetime. No other occasion comes close to the level of preparation and investment needed for such an event to happen.

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Getting Ready for the Big Day: Pampering Bridesmaids 101

There are countless ways where bridesmaids can show their lasting devotion to the bride. So, it is only right for a bride to go the extra mile to show her love for her ladies.


Stun Your Wedding Party: 5 Tips to Throw an Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

Keep reading to learn how you can really wow your guests by hosting an unforgettable rehearsal dinner.


5 Tips to Be Stressed-Free Before the Wedding

This is not a beauty article per se, but for you to be stress-free at your wedding – and hence beautiful – you must take off stress from your life before your big event. So, be stress-free and beautiful!


A Photographer’s Guide to Wedding Photography

If you are an aspiring wedding photographer or you just want to look better in your wedding photos, this post will give you a guide to an effective wedding photography.


Ideas to Choose Universally Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses

Here are some tips to find a beautiful dress for your bridesmaid.

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Why It Is Important to Choose Professional Wedding Photographers?

A specialist wedding photographer can make a huge difference to the images from your wedding. Here is all that you need to know about the compelling reasons to hire a professional.


What to Know Before Before Buying a Bridal Corset

A corset is an attire worn between the waistline and bust area in an alluring manner to highlight your figure. The benefits of a corset are to make you look curvy and to make some structures seem fuller. To ensure you look attractive, here are 6 considerations before buying a bridal corset.

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A New Wedding Trend: Custom Wedding Songs

While many modern couples are electing to dismiss many wedding traditions, the first dance is still performed at nearly 90% of weddings.