Types of Fabrics and Necklines to Consider When Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

A short collection of fashion tips for your bridesmaid dress.
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Have you ever thought that choosing a dress for your best friends is even more fun than choosing the one for yourself? If yes, choosing the right bridesmaid dress can be an exciting and rewarding experience for you.

As you begin looking through all these beautiful dresses, keep in mind what type of neckline looks good on each of them. Aspects like necklines and fabrics can affect the overall look of your bridesmaids and how they feel wearing the dresses.


Strapless necklines are always a safe bet. They’re elegant and can be worn by almost anyone. They create an elongated appearance, make the shoulders appear narrower, flatter the waist area and leave room for accessories. 

But keep in mind that wider straps may require additional alteration to fit your bridesmaids perfectly. However, strapless dresses can make the shoulders look broader. So keep that in mind while choosing the right bridesmaids dress.

Halter Neck

Halter necklines add definition and structure to the whole look. If you are looking for a combination of adventure and safe, this is probably your best option. 

These necklines work on all women and allow them to flaunt their figures. Women with heart-shaped faces look especially great in this neckline since it narrows their faces even further. Additionally, the neckline helps create a stunning silhouette! 

There are some cons, though – halter style can make women appear top-heavy. Another thing that you have to take into consideration is the dress length – which can be altered by adding straps. Halter-neck dresses are versatile and will suit most wedding themes.

Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart necklines can look magical on your bridesmaids. They’re perfect for accentuating your girls’ figures and work perfectly on all women.

It generally fits curvy ladies well. You may need to add additional fabric beneath the top embellishment layer to create a smooth silhouette and ensure extra support and comfort.

Square Neck

Square necklines are great because they don’t require any alterations at all. You’ll be able to find several pre-made dresses that have already been tailored with the square neckline. Imagine princess dresses with their widely cut neckline – and you have yourself a gorgeous bridesmaid look. 

Square necklines elongate your girls’ necks and look classy. Paired with the suitable fabric, they create beautiful curves and emphasize collarbones and shoulders. They work best on women with narrow faces.

One Shoulder

One-shoulder necklines will look great on petite ladies. These dresses allow for easy embellishment (think rhinestones, glitter) since the only required adornment is one simple strap or beaded strap across one shoulder. 

If it’s too low cut, your bridesmaids may need additional bust support. If you decide to go strapless at the last minute, you can simply remove the one strap to attain the look.


V-shaped necklines are very versatile and can be worn by most bridesmaids, regardless of their body type. They typically look best on women with longer torsos because they create some nice curves.

V-necks make the wearer appear wider at the top (great for pear shapes) while simultaneously narrowing the hips (perfect for ladies with narrow hips). It’s also worth mentioning that these dresses work great on petite girls too. 

You can experiment with illusion necklines and other sophisticated styles with V-neck dresses. The best thing is, there are no fabric-type limitations with this neckline style.

Popular Fabrics to Consider for Your Braidsmaid Dress


If you are looking for a dress that is both sweet and sensuous – lace is the way to go! Lace fabric will hide any figure flaws and look great on almost every bridesmaid due to its ability to flow with a woman’s body. It works well with most necklines, but it may peek through halter styles or strapless ones.


This type of fabric is very lightweight and breathable, so your girls can be as comfortable as possible in their beautiful dresses. To keep chiffon layers from getting wrinkled, consider adding crinoline underneath them (it will hold those skirts up). 

Chiffon works well on all body types. You can create both figure-hugging dresses and flowy ones with chiffon.


This type of fabric is similar to chiffon in terms of thinness, but it also has that crisp, luxurious feel. If you want your bridesmaids to feel like princesses truly, then organza is the way to go! 

It compliments all body types beautifully. Consider adding additional support with additional support for enhanced comfort. 

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind the theme and feel of your wedding and the weather in your location while choosing necklines and fabrics for bridesmaids’ dresses. The dresses should complement your wedding dress perfectly and make the whole setting look more elegant.

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