What Does Your Style Say About Your Personality?

Did you know that you can "read" a person's personality by their clothes? Of course you do, but let's break it down a bit.
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Observing the style of those you meet, you could say that choosing and combining clothes has an endless range of possibilities. If you make a habit from the reading the symbolism of the fashion, the color and the materials from which the clothes and the accessories are made, is enough to deduce something personal about the wearer.

From a psychological point of view, let’s make a classification of the female personality by referring to fashion. It is notoriously the interest in style and fashion and I think it is an important point of reference that can differentiate feminine personalities.

Conservative Personality

You do not match your style with the season, because you do not think it is absolutely necessary; you prefer the colors in dark tones, whether they are fashionable or not, the classic style suits you best and it is the most comfortable in clothing. Generally, you only wear genuine jewelry, but only very discreet.

You cherish, above all, peace and stability. You see your image by the eyes of the others. You are perfectionist in almost everything you do. Self-control and stability in your behavior matters a lot to you. You act as a person who is difficult to be impressed. You really like cooking and you’re somewhat rough to your own kids.

Contradictory Personality

Only sometimes you are interested in what is “fashionable” and you try to make it. Sometimes it does not matter at all, because you have something better to do. Sometimes you like shocking combinations of colors, because you want to attract someone’s attention or just you feel good about it. You like to wear metal pendants.

You go from joy to sadness, from optimism to pessimism, without obvious reasons. You change your mind suddenly, even with the risk of exasperating of others. At work, you have sparks of dynamism and perspicacity, but also there are moments or times of apathy.

Adjustable and Customizable Personality

You dress as you like, at home, at work, for a walk in the park, etc. You can also wear necklaces of precious stones, flashes, assorted colored beads, pendants or… no jewels at all. Earrings will always be matched to what you prefer to wear with your neckline, but at the same time they may simply not exist at all.

You can easily build relationships with others, from different social or regional levels. These, in turn, accept you just as easily, because you are a calm, benevolent person, you know how to control yourself in certain situations, and when necessary you are able to react quickly and energetically. You can gain the trust of almost anyone. You are conscientious and punctual, without proving yourself excessively.

“Always Young” Personality

You are always fashionable, no matter how old you have. You are keen to fashion swings, you want to feel and be appreciated as the promoter of the most extravagant style, which makes you the focus for the others, especially by this: you like the unexpected combinations of colors that shock, beads and necklaces are “rich” and very vividly colored, earrings and bracelets the same. The accessories are fashionable and sometimes you even make efforts to wear, for example, shoes or sandals with very high heels if the current style trends demands it.

The Relationship Between Clothing and Personality Is One-Way?

The relationship between clothing and personality does not have a unidirectional sense. They influence and interrelate each other. In this sense, a negative state of mind can attenuate the avant-garde movements of an “always young” personality, for example, or may influence the color choices you usually choose. Another important thing would be how much you are willing to spend to be “fashionable”.

One thing to note is: you can manipulate by style. Let’s say you go to a job interview. If you are have a contradictory personality but you need to communicate that you are very open and with vivid imagination, manipulate your style: dress boldly, in vivid colors, with high-fashion accessories. But beware that this technique will not be manipulative for long, your will get tired of this “game” and you will revert to your style that your personality prefers.

Also, did you know that you can find out pretty quick what type of personality you have by matching your blood type to a certain kind of type persona? What does your blood type say about your personality? Not much, science says, but the Institute of Blood Type Humanics in Japan dares to disagree. The idea of correlating blood type and personality emerged in the 1930s, in a failed effort for the Japanese to breed the “perfect soldier”. It re-emerged in the 1970s thanks to a successful book written by journalist Masahiko Nomi who reiterated the belief that blood type does indeed influence personality. While his findings were dismissed as pseudoscience (he had no medical or scientific background), the belief that there is a correlation between the two is still strong in Japan.

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