Top Fashion Trends for Late 2018 and the Beginning of 2019

The fashion trends of 2018 has been about a number of experiments – from fall styles to stripes to the basic holiday embracing sparkles and jewel tones, following listed are the top fashion trends for 2018 that you must know.

Fashion is the only constant that keeps on changing! Fashion can be simple, quirky, classy and ethnic – depending upon the choices of people. Today, a majority of population have become very fashion-conscious, as a result of which every lady looks forward to wearing the best clothes, put on the best lipstick shade and adorn the best heels to look her beautiful best. The fashion trends of 2018 has been about a number of experiments – from fall styles to stripes to the basic holiday embracing sparkles and jewel tones, following listed are the top fashion trends for 2018 that you must know.

  1. Magenta:

Magenta has become the newest pink in the fashion world and a number of ladies are buying numbers of apparels, makeup, etc. unapologetically in Magenta. Magenta has also become one of the latest fall styles of the season. This fashion trend is rich, and the bright pink appearance surely looks very appealing to eyes. Pair your magenta blouse with beige/buff colored pants for a dinner party and put on the statement earrings to accentuate and finish your look. 

  1. Animal Print:

Animal print has always been in fashion and this particular trend is classic and timeless. Animal print is very adventurous and serves as the best choice for the women who are bold and love to experiment. However, 2018 unlike all the past years which strictly disallowed the ladies to wear the animals from head-to-toe, has finally nodded to this quirky trend. Thus, what are you waiting for? Pick up your animal print dress and pair it up with a leopard jacket and leopard shoes.

  1. 80s:

The lovely 80s have always inspired all the fashion icons and stylists over its amazing fashion sense and style. The era of 80s is back in trend and the then-fashion has turned into now-fashion today. Fashion trends such as shiny, metallic, acid-wash denims, color blocks, big coats, foil fabrics, shiny banks, etc. are the hottest trends this season. Thus, if you are the one who has always waited to don the shiny leather pants with a bold patterned shirt and a dark lipstick – it is the time to wear it at the upcoming party.

  1. Ruching:

You cannot say fold from fat – this was the way people used to describe the fashion of rucihing and the same has become one of the hottest trends of the present year. A number of women are confidently embracing this trend by adding ruching to their side of a fitted shirt, muffin tops or any other piece of apparel. If you are looking forward to experimenting in this particular trend, we suggest you to add an extra hint of ruching to your skirt. Ruching always adds a style and interest into the fashion and if done right – you will certainly be asked out by many guys tonight.

  1. Faux Fur:

One of the hottest fall styles – faux fur is stealing a lot of limelight in the recent world of fashion and trend. Faux fur has always created a huge style statement among the women, and the legacy still continues. Where a number of fashion houses pledge to abandon from the real fur, faux fur is slightly creating its own space and becoming prevalent with each day. The best thing here is that you can experiment with a variety of colors and can pick up your favorite shade. The most loved shades of faux fur include pinks, magentas, reds, burgundy and sun.

  1. Modesty:

Keep your dress sense as modest as you can, and it would never be out of fashion. Modest fashion is always synonymous to elegance, sophistication and class. This timeless fashion is one of the greatest style trends of the recent times. Thus, if you are the one who doesn’t like to experiment with quirky fashion, picking up the modest dress style can never go wrong with you. Pick up your favorite blouse to further pair it up with your favorite skirt. Choose your favorite stilettos and you are all set to create a classy style statement.

  1. Tweed:

Tweed is the newest hip and a number of fashion icons and stylists are giving a big yes to this fashion trend. Why? Because it is hot, classy and because it is worn by your favorite celebrities in your favorite shows. The Netflix releases like Mad Men and The Crown have further popularized this trend to next level. As a result, almost every woman today is looking forward to wearing the oversized menswear inspired topcoat which is creating a great buzz among all the fashionista. Alongside, plaids and tartans also continue to rule the latest fashion game.

Fashion is the one thing which is loved by one and all. Why not try these amazing fashion trends of 2018 and style yourself up beautifully?

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