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Reasons You Should Start Wearing a Watch Today

We will give you a few key reasons you should consider wearing a watch today


New Trends in Women’s Fashion 2020

2020 has arrived in all its glory, and the trend radar is buzzing with exciting fashion trends.


What Is Organic Clothing?

‘Vegan’ is a term mostly associated with a plant-based diet. However, it is actually an entire lifestyle that dictates our most crucial life choices, including the clothes we wear. What you choose to put on sends a powerful message to others and to yourself about who you are. This is, in fact, how human psychology works. We pour out our values, desires, and thoughts into tangible symbols that represent us in front of the world.


Skateboarding Fashion: How and Why It Became Every Cool Person’s Staple

Thrasher is proof of the continued dominance of merchandising and branding


A Guide to Trademarking Your Cosmetic Line Internationally

If you are daydreaming about starting your own business in cosmetics, do your homework about the steps in protecting your trademark.

How to mix and match colors on your ethnic outfits 1

How to Mix and Match Colors on Your Ethnic Outfits

Style tips for our Indian readers: here are some helpful tips on how you can match the colors of your clothes.

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6 Style Trends for 2019

Look forward to another year of dressing up and expressing yourself with the latest trends. This 2019, the expression of women empowerment was chosen to be the unofficial theme for fashion. Designers have evoked their vision of a modern-day woman.


4 Hottest Trends This Fall

Fall is in full swing but this season’s trends are bringing the heat. Although summer has it’s moments, there is nothing like the excitement of fresh fall fashion and new outfits on the horizon. With our fall trend report and tips on how to rock them, you’re sure to be best dressed at the office or out on the town.


Top Fashion Trends for Late 2018 and the Beginning of 2019

The fashion trends of 2018 has been about a number of experiments – from fall styles to stripes to the basic holiday embracing sparkles and jewel tones, following listed are the top fashion trends for 2018 that you must know.

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12 Rules for Being a Fashion Forerunner

Fashion is unique to each individual, but most people want to get a jump on the latest on trends. Then