New Trends in Women’s Fashion 2020

The year ahead has welcomed the revival of many vintage and Victorian trends. Designers and fashion houses have funneled in a gorgeous myriad of new trends and designs. While many timeless classics have been gloriously revived with vibrant colors and sexy accents.

Chandelier earrings, bucket bags and blazers have emerged as the power accessory to flaunt this year. While the trend radar is obsessing over the sunny energy of marigold and the quirkiness of neon hues. 2020 is all about bold statements, loud accessories and, vibrant color palettes for your dresses casual wear. In this article, we will walk you through the hottest trends in women’s fashion 2020.

Here, feast your eyes:


Oversized Polka Dots

Ladies, polka dots will never be the same again. They are trending superhot on the fashion radar, and the trend is bolder and bigger than ever. The runways for spring and summer 2020 were brimming with oversized polka dots. From shirts and dresses to chic skirts, blouses and much more.

Oversized and elevated polka dots are going to take over your wardrobe. You can add them to your work wear attire, party wear, casual wear and much more. We strongly recommend you to scoop them up in bright and bold color palettes.

Blazers & Bracelets

Bold statements are all the rage in 2020, and if you want to rock an unforgettable look, this is it ladies, bracelets and, blazers present a sassier and sexier alternative to the biker gal look. The trick is to flaunt a sleek and sharply tailored blazer with a drop-dead sexy bracelets. You can flaunt this look at multiple occasions.

Be it a casual day on the streets, drinks with friends or even a hot party on your social calendar. It allows a sexy midriff-revealing statement that will highlight your petite waist and accentuate your curves. Be sure to flaunt this look with high-waist bottoms and pants.

Crocheting Made Cool

It’s time to move past your grandma’s crocheted essentials and scoop up some seriously sexy pieces. Ladies, 2020 is all about flaunting romantically feminine and sleekly polished crocheted attire. This year has witnessed crocheting with an unbelievably cool infusion of tailoring, colors and more. From beautiful dresses and glamorous evening wear, crocheting has been modernized and revamped with dramatic aplomb.

The traditional techniques of crocheting have been infused with an ultra-seek and modern appeal. You can flaunt crocheted suiting and polished office wear attire. There is something so beautiful and special about flaunting this intricate handmade technique with a modern appeal.

Chandelier Earrings

Sparkly and dramatic chandelier earrings are all the rage this year. They are the perfect accessory to stand out and command attention without putting in much effort. Chandelier statements are louder and bolder than ever. You need to plan your evening and black tie attire around this fabulous accessory. We encourage you to pick out striking gold color palettes that sparkle with a rich assortment of stones and crystals.

Striking Neon’s

Neon’s have a timeless appeal when it comes to curating an energetic and bubbly outfit. If you want to stand out in the crowd instead of blending in, you need to flaunt neon hues. 2020 has witnessed a striking invasion of neon pinks, blues, greens, yellows and, orange. These highlighter hues are everywhere and subtly is not the art of the styling game. You need to go all-out with bright and bold neon palettes. These hues look gorgeous when paired up with neutral hues, such as white, black and nudes.

Statement Chains

Large and chunky statement chain necklaces have made a striking comeback to the trend radar. These chains look stunning and gorgeous, and a perfect accessory for a bold statement. In 2020, chain necklaces are the ultimate accessory to pair up with any and every outfit. You can add them to elevate your work wear attire or seal your sensual little black dresses for black-tie affairs.

Shades of Marigold

Marigold has emerged as the color of the year, and it is utterly and insanely gorgeous. It is a striking blend of mustard and gold, offering the best of both worlds.

Side Slits Gone Bolder

Ladies, when we say that 2020 is all about bold statements, it is a reference to the sexy revamping of side slits. Side slits are bolder and hotter than ever, and they seem to have climbed much higher than before. It’s time to flaunt higher side slits that reveal your curves, giving your skirts and shirts a dramatic sensuality.

Dramatic Tiers

2019 was all about ruffles and tulle, but this year, tiered dresses and skirts have taken the forefront. Ladies, gala gowns, skirts and, maxi dresses have been infused with dramatic and romantically feminine tiers. These gorgeous tiers come in a variety of fabrics and trends, including feathers, ruffles, tulle, chiffon, silks and much more.

They promise a much more dramatic and glamorous eveningwear statement by voluminizing your twirl and amplifying the drama.

80s Puffed Sleeves

Puffed Victorian sleeves are back with a dramatic thud, and we simply can’t get enough of this dramatic statement. The fashion radar has spoken in favor of this gorgeous 18th-century trend, which has been revived with great sleekness. Oversized Victorian sleeves are an excellent trend to give your outfit a romantically feminine appeal. We encourage you to flaunt this trend with subtle and romantic, spring-friendly hues. Blush pink, coral, scarlet reds, pastel yellow and, blues are great picks to flaunt this statement.

Bucket Bags

Are you looking for a stylish bag that holds all your essentials and is great for commuting? Ladies, look no further than the bucket bag. This timeless classic is all the rage on the trend radar. This is always a great investment because these beauties simply never go out of style. In 2020, bucket bags are hotter than ever and you can scoop them up in a variety of trends.

From lovely pearl-encrusted bucket bags to intricate stitches, roomy designs, Barbie-like colors and much more. Bucket bags are super-functional, quirky and versatile. Your wardrobe for 2020 is simply incomplete without owning one of these.


We sincerely hope that our picks for the 2020 fashion radar proved to be an inspiration for you. At the end of the day, the trends that belong to your wardrobe must be appealing to you. Be it chandelier earrings or polka dots, don’t feel compelled to jump aboard the bandwagon if you find it unappealing. The right fashion trend for you is the ones that connect with your personal sense of style.

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