Pants or Skirt: 5 Reasons to Wear a Dress Every Day

I always wondered what fashion would have looked if it wouldn’t allow pants for women? I guess it would have been a more stylish world out there.

Once, regardless of weather conditions, all women wore dresses and never complained about this. It seemed natural to turn to dress for any event they may have attended. My grandmother told me that on winter time she wore dresses made up from thin materials, no trace of 100DEN; and stockings were a rarity, they were hard to get. As a child I liked to try some of her clothing, I loved being flirtatious as she once was.

I always dreamed of a dressing room full of fancy feminine clothes, neatly arranged on colorful hangers so I was saying to myself that as long as will be dresses and skirts on Earth, these outfits will help a woman to be more feminine – myself included.

Why I like to wear dresses?

1. I Find Them to Be Extremely Comfortable – Regardless of Model or Length.

Even for the office style, it’s more comfortable to wear dresses or skirts than pants – which have the potential of embarrassing you left and right. And the boys will love a woman with a feminine attitude.

I know what you’re thinking, from middle management and up you have to adopt a tight, manly attitude. My take is: your attitude comes from inside and from your knowledge, not from copying men at the office.

2. You Can Find a Dress Regardless of Your Body Type and It Can Get You a Great Advantage

Especially skirts highlights your waistline, emphasizing the most beautiful parts of your body and hide everything that you do not want to see.

3. You Can Safely Buy Online

When shopping online, you’re safer to buy skirts or dresses, you don’t have to pay attention or those tiny details that pants have. You just have to fill in the waist and to know roughly your hips. But it’s less likely you will get into trouble with those measurements for a skirts or dress then for pants.

4. Match in a Hurry

I know that is hard for you to get ready quickly in the morning and exactly when you hurried up, you can’t decide which shirt is fitted perfect with your preferred skirt. Well, it is very simple if you avoid to buy skirts and opt always for a dress.

5. if It Rains, Wear a Dress

It’s easier to have a shower at your feet rather than have pants tainted with water from puddles. Once I was caught in a rain wearing a pair of pants on, and were so badly stained with dirty water from puddles that I could not wear them anymore. So always when announcing rain, opt for an airy dress.

I use to wear dresses both winter and summer. At special events I always choose a suitable dress. We all know how much the clothes can change a person’s attitude and attire. So my dears, choose to wear dresses anytime you can because they highlight your body shape and make you more feminine!

Vivianne Sterling

Editorial Manager at Beautips. I love street style and I'm always in search of bits of inspiration around me. I also believe in home-made solutions for fitness, beauty tricks and healthy cooking.

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