5 Tips for Feeling Sexy

1.Wear Sexy Underwear

Next time when you go shopping, take in a row all lingerie shops and choose the sexiest models that you find. Wear the newly purchased underwear under your daily normal clothes. You will see that you will start to feel differently immediately, but the climax will be when your boyfriend starts to undress you. Will surely be impressed by your new sexy look!

2.Wear Shirts or Blouses With Buttons

Getting naked for a blouse that has many buttons is often sexier than give up the shirt off in a second. Tension created by the endless moments of ‘Operation strip’ will surely be pleasing to your partner.

3. Choose a Theme Song

There is music for all possible states that a man can live. Choose a song that makes you feel confident in yourself and do not forget to have it in mind whenever you feel clumsy. ‘Falling’ by Alicia Keys is a suitable alternative.

4. Flirting

When was the last time you flirted with your boyfriend? If the answer is when you meat, you need to take swift action. If you have an “old” relationship this doesn’t mean that you should forget about flirting! Dress up sexy, wear high heels, read our latest Christian Louboutin article and choose a pair that fits your needs, and start flirting and feel beautiful.

5. Forget the Towel

When you go in the shower, ‘forget’ to take your towel and ask your boyfriend to bring you one. When he will see you covered in nothing else but foam will be eager to take you out of the bathroom. Or maybe will not wait until then…

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