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How to Maintain the Health of Your Feet

Maybe this is a bit awkward at first sight, but the feet are important so, a little bit of research on their health won’t harm anyone right?! How to maintain your feet healthy is an article about the 2 body parts that help us everyday during our life.

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Dress the way you want to be addressed. Having a nice style can do wonders for your self-confidence. So, here is a list of five essential items that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Why Women Like to Wear High Heels

A woman in heels can make heads turn, men smirk, and women admire. According to the famous French fashion designer, Christian Louboutin, a shoe is a part of your body language. It’s not just meant to be a design.

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How to Take Care of Your Feet After a High Heel Hangover

A pair of high heels is one piece that provides a lean, tall and a long instant look for your legs, most of the wardrobes will be incomplete without the high heel. Though wearing high heels are not suitable for health, most of the women love wearing it due to the glamour look they provide in overall.

10 Things You Should Avoid When You Are Wearing Heels

Cinderella proved that a pair of shoes could change a woman’s life. And it is not a secret that women who wear a pair of stilettos can make their outfit look sexy. Ladies always choose to wear their heels when they want to fire up their look. But it is also true that some of them love and hate this thing at the same time.


The Bants – What Are They, Just Leggings + Boots, or More?

The bants, those leggings with high-heels (boots) attached are a thing now. Are they practical, wearable, or just a celebrity stunt?

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How to Make Your Style Transition Easy and Smoothly

If you want to transform your style from a laid back look to something striking and different, it’s important to understand how you are going to make that transition.

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My Tips to Walking in Heels

We are girls, and we love to feel sexy and beautiful like.. always! High heels could be great for that, but they can be really tricky, so let’s learn how to wear them.

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5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Every woman should have at least these five types of shoes in her closet to deal with her day-to-day style fashion decisions.

Leather Trends – Hot Fashion Trends

One of the hottest trends of Fall 2010 is wearing leather. Leather pants in particular have become a must-have.