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If until now were associated with “bad girl” image, or created an exclusive rock look, now the leather pants, wore in the appropriate shades, create a sensual sexy image. Leather jacket, even if it was trendy in past seasons and trends, designers have now raised the clothes made from this material to a new level.

Collections for fall / winter already presented in the most important fashion festivals brought on the catwalk all sorts of outfits made of leather: pants, shorts, skirts, corsets and even jackets or capes. Furthermore, Hermes has dared and included in his collection the aviator theme including some leather jumpsuits.

Other designers have dared more. Yves Saint Laurent for instance, showed on the catwalk pieces of leather lingerie, corsets and deux-pieces.

How to Mix and Match?

Nothing completes better leather pants, than a white shirt. Avoid tops with printed leopard and pink ones. In this case simplicity is the key.

Leather Pants Are a Must Have, but They Cannot Be Worn by Any Woman, Because:

  • They are quite expensive, there are very difficult to maintain, most women buy latex pants instead of real leather ones
  • Because they are so tights, you can get dressed quite difficult, requiring some time
  • Leather pants fit skinny women because they have the “gift” to highlight any figure flaw
  • Because they are so tight, they favor the emergence of fungal infections and other infections of this kind.
  • Leather clothing accessories: massive silver jewelry or steel, and shoes with heels, necessarily very high heels.
  • The woman who wears leather clothes is by definition a extravagant woman, sexy, confident in her strengths. So, the accessories that complete her outfit should be equally appropriate and eye catching.
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