How to Bring Feminism Into Your Fashion Closet

It’s normal for everyone to express themselves and their beliefs through the clothing that they wear on a daily basis. This ideology holds true when it comes to social movements like feminism. Of course, when it comes to supporting the reasons why people like certain things, showing support to feminism through outfit choices is no different.
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The movement for feminism is all about achieving rights and equality for women. It is gradually evolving into a quest for winning equality for people across the globe. If you are a man or a woman who is looking for ways to integrate your support for feminism in your daily wardrobe, you’re in the right place. This article got you covered!

Feminism Meets Fashion

So, the question now is how to incorporate feminism into your daily outfits? For starters, fashion statements vary in different people. If you look at t-shirts or to any items of clothing with feminist sayings, how does it make you feel?

Fashion designers can educate people to love themselves and embrace individuality, only then that you can move on and support feminism through fashion activism.

Keeping up with the trends through reading magazines, ads or watching runway shows, fashion channels as well as scouring on various women’s clothing online is a right way for people to acquire fashion inspirations.

You can incorporate what you learn into your style while staying true to your advocacy.

There are many ways that you can incorporate feminism into everyday fashion without compromising your daily fashion staples. There’s nothing more compelling than being able to walk the talk in feminism. Be the most fashionable feminist that you can be. Take your cue from the guidelines below.

Statement Tees

The easiest and best way to incorporate your social belief into your daily look is through wearing a t-shirt. Finding shirts with logos and quotes about feminism is easy. And these shirts provide the comfort of being dressed down or up.

If you can select a shirt in neutral colors, it’s ideal to a wear a blazer and finishes the look with a nice pair of pants. You can dress yourself up while expressing your support for the feminist movement.

Going Bold With Bomber Jacket

Another favorite way to channel your viewpoint is through wearing bomber jackets. You’ll look presentable and badass while personifying the feminism movement.

Bomber jackets are becoming very popular right now which makes them easy to find. Find a piece with a relevant message, quotes or logo at the back. You’ll be able to convey your essential ideas or opinions while looking awesome at the same time.

Addition of Patches To  DIY Detail

If you have the skill for Do-It-Yourself fashion, you can try to incorporate some stylish feminist patches to every item of clothing that you want. It’s also an excellent way to repurpose the old garments that you have as well as adding a personal touch to your clothes.

If you got extra time to spare and want to showcase a little bit of your personality to the old items that you are trying to repurpose, adding patches is an excellent idea.

Repurpose Your Style With Feminist Pins

If you want to update your wardrobe but don’t have sufficient time to put patches on your clothes, using feminist pins is a good idea. It is applicable for people who want to upgrade their clothing staples with a less permanent option.

Pins are great ideas to sport quirky feminist designs or slogans. Besides, pins are perfect add-ons for bags and jackets. You’ll be able to update your bags and still keep the pins with you. You can also change your style preference with different pins while you’re on the go.

Stitching a Statement With DIY Embroidery

If you’re good with needle and threads and you have the skill to DIY your look for feminist, you can do stitching on different items that you want.

Stitching also gives you the option to select what item, what color, what font and what words to say. This resource is ideal for feminists who like DIY crafts.

Bonus Corner: How to Fashion Your Way to Feminism

Supporting feminism is not just about the clothes that you wear. You can’t just put on a patch or wear a tee with a feminist message and say that you’re a feminist. You can’t only claim that you’re a feminist just by proving it with your actions.

It all boils down to cultivating the proper attitude. There’s no need to attend marches or rallies. There’s no reason to ditch your underwear and whatever it is that you might want to take off. All you need to do is just to make a small difference in your daily lives.

Your Rules, Your Fashion

The best way to show your support for feminism is to wear the clothes that represent you. Wear the clothes that reflect your true identity and personality.

Don’t let other people tell you what to wear, just rock your style with confidence. After all, the foundation of feminism stems from freedom of expression. If you’re a punk rock girl, own it. If you love goth fashion, wear it!

Speak Up

Speaking up against social injustice is the best way to walk your feminist advocacy. This ideology means that if you find yourself in front of sexism, you can move forward and speak up to defend yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you involve yourself in violence. It means shaking people out of their childish mentality and make them see the truth.

Spread the Word

If somebody questions your feminist clothes or accessories, tell them what your fashion stands for and what they mean. It’s an opportunity for you to justify the importance of feminism to society and why it matters to you.

It doesn’t mean that you need to be defensive or rude. Just remember that what you wear represents the entire environment where you exist.

Strive to Support

There’s no more fitting way to show your support towards feminism than to help other women and people. Don’t speak ill about other women. It is best to support each other as much as possible. Again, feminism is more than just about equality. It’s also about encouraging other women to take a walk on the road of feminism movements.


You should use fashion not just to make yourself feel good, but also to support your cause. In this case, feminism. If our society moves forward with this attitude and will realistically portray genders, class, bodies, and ethnicities the right way, things will be better. If you concentrate on the qualities that you love about yourself and use what you wear to flaunt them off, then this is how feminism can be fashionable on a daily basis.

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