Piercing Trends That Everyone Will Love in 2019

Let us have a look at the various piercing trends of the upcoming year.

In the last few decades, body piercing has become quite a popular fashion trend. When it comes to piercing, most of us think about ear piercing, but you might be interested in a lot more than that. Lips, noses, belly buttons and even tongues are quite a few popular choices. Just make sure you know a lot of info before getting a piercing

Piercing was never a new thing, it is being practised in nearly every culture all over the world, for hundreds of years. Piercing other body parts than the ears has become trendier in the last ten to fifteen years. The outlook is changing now and people are becoming more appreciative of body jewellery. We are about to enter the year 2019 very soon. So, let us have a look at the various piercing trends of the upcoming year.

Ear Piercing

Let us start with the very common ear piercing. The ear piercing is witnessing quite a good number of trends like the helix piercing. It is not only fashionable but can also be worn with various other kinds of jewellery. You can also wear captive bead rings, hoops, studs and a lot more in this piercing. You can also opt for a single, double or triple helix. 

The helix is really a versatile thing to adorn and it is definitely going to be the thing to watch in the year 2019. Tragus in the ears is the next important thing which you should try. It is simple yet classy. The tragus looks more elegant with a simple gem or a plain stud. It can also be combined with something very fancy.

Facial Piercings

People were preferring septums all these years, but with the passing time, they are soon fading out. Nostril piercing is what people are looking forward to. There are different ways in which the nostrils can be pierced. A single nostril piercing can be done or it can be doubled up on one side. \one on each side of the nose is also the latest trend. A gem top or a hoop can be experimented with in nostril piercing. 

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are in the headlines nowadays. Women and men from all age groups are piercing their nipples. Mermaid nipples and shell rings were already there but if you are interested to get something funny and interesting, there are the vampire teeth and handcuff rings. This is definitely going to be the most followed trend of the year 2019.

Belly Rings

The belly rings are again making a comeback, thanks to celebrity endorsements. These are not just for young ladies anymore, women of every age and size are happily going for it. Why only women, even men are finding this quite a cool body jewelry piercing trend. Navel piercing is redeeming its popularity among people, irrespective of gender, age and size.

Piercing is said to somewhat increase your self-confidence. If you want to welcome the year 2019 with a cutting-edge style, staying ahead in terms of fashion statement, go for any of these piercings and look great. 

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