Nose Piercings: Important Things to Know

This article is meant to present some of the most important things you should consider before... and after a nose piercing. Nose piercing is not just some kind of avantgarde practice, it is well know for hundreds of years and it is pretty chic!
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I believe that it is fair enough to write a short article describing piercing, after we wrote the tattoo article… so, no one shall feel offended :). For now I choose to write about nose piercing, because I had one myself I know what it means, so I am talking from my own experience. Nose piercing may seem fairly avantgarde, but the practice has been around for at least the last four thousand years.

It’s obvious that you feel like you’re making a big decision with your nose piercing done, but if you’re already decided, let’s get to business.

And if you feel that you’re the only one on the planet facing the decision of piercing their noses, here are some celebrities that took the some one:

Nose Piercings – the Procedure:

A nose piercing is usually placed in the curve of the nostril; however, it can also be done through the septum, that piece of cartilage that divides the nostrils. For this procedure I recommend a small cork device is placed inside the nostril, and a sterilized surgical needle is used to pierce through the flesh until it hits the cork. This method is far more sanitary and accurate, and heals much quicker because it causes fewer traumas to the cartilage.

Choose the Correct Nose Ring/jewelry

[singlepic id=1322 h=220 float=left]There are several styles of nose jewelry. Also, you have to give a big importance to the materials.

Nose rings are hoops that come in various sizes and are self-clasping.

Nose studs are similar to earring studs, using a small clasp on the back to hold the jewelry in place.

Nose screws require no clasp to stay in place. There is a half-circle turn at the bottom of the very short post that is used to literally screw the jewelry into place.

The Materials Between Which You Can Choose:

Titanium is a popular metal used in jewelry making; however, it has been known to irritate an unhealed piercing

Surgical steel is the most recommended metal to use in a fresh piercing. It is hypo-allergenic and generally causes none of the skin irritation.

Gold is the next best thing to surgical steel, as long as you are using a quality 14-18k gold piece.

Sterling silver, although beautiful, is not a good choice to use in any fresh piercing, because the body fluids quickly cause the metal to oxidize, turning it black.

How to Take Good Care of Your Nose Piercing?

[singlepic id=1321 w=320 h=240 float=left]Since nose piercing is done through cartilage, not flesh, it takes six to twelve weeks to heal. During this period, it is important to keep the site scrupulously clean.

Always wash your hands before you touch your piercing or jewelry.

Clean the piercing at least three times a day by drenching the area with a fresh cotton ball soaked with sterile saline solution. Slightly rotate your jewelry to make sure the saline gets into the hole as well.

Use a fresh cotton swab drenched in saline to gently clean the clasp or screw inside of your nostril.

Never scrub any part of your piercing or jewelry. This can damage the tissue, spark an infection, and possibly pull out your jewelry.

Only use a fresh paper towel to gently pat the area dry after cleaning, or better yet, hold the paper towel there and just let it “wick up” the moisture.

Avoid sleeping on your face at night.

Replace your pillowcase every few days to cut down on germ exposure.

Support your immune system with a good vitamin supplement containing vitamins C, B-12, and zinc. This will help head off respiratory illnesses that can cause mucus build up and interfere with your healing.

Avoid fingering your jewelry and making frequent changes during the first six months. The cartilage can be damaged, causing an unattractive lump, called a granuloma, to form. Once you get one of these, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of.

Does It Hurt?

Everyone’s threshold for pain is different, but generally all piercing cause momentary pain. Using a surgical needle to create the piercing is least painful of all because it passes so easily through the cartilage.[singlepic id=1320 w=320 h=240 float=right]

How Long Until My Nose “Hole” Closes?

Your nose ring must be left in during the healing period, or it will close up in less than 24 hours. After the first year, you can leave your jewelry out for a few days, but test to make sure the hole doesn’t close again.




Should you decided to go ahead, well, here are some styles of nose piercings: nose studs and nose rings to chose from. Go and get inspired!

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  • I got my nose pierced almost a year ago. It got infected after I began changing the nose ring at about 5 months, but after careful cleaning, monitoring and leaving it alone, the inflammation went away and its just fine now. The previous comment about the infection going to your brain because of the close proximity is amusing but not exactly correct. I am a nurse, and so infection control was important to me (as well as acceptance at work). I have had no problems. I wear a 2mm diamond and most people either dont notice it or thought I always had it there to begin with! Playing with the stud, changing it too early or frequently, and touching it without clean hands is a recipe for disaster…but soaking with warm, clean salt water generally clears up any inflammation or infection well. Good luck!

  • I just got mine done, and the only thing you need to worry about is bacteria in the pool, if bacteria gets into the piercing it will get infected and you can get really sick because its so close to your brain. So make sure if you do get it done to clean it very well and to make sure the pool you swim in is clean.

  • I just got mine done, and the only thing you need to worry about is bacteria in the pool, if bacteria gets into the piercing it will get infected and you can get really sick because its so close to your brain. So make sure if you do get it done to clean it very well and to make sure the pool you swim in is clean.

  • Hey,
    I really want to get my nose done, however I’m a bit concerned as I am an avid diver and aim to get my Dive Masters and become an instructor within the next few years. I am also studying Marine Biology at Uni in 2012, so I am what one would call “a water baby”.
    Is there any reason I cant/shouldnt get my nose pierced?

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