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A Quick and Handy Guide to Nose Piercings

Nose rings might seem like a relatively new addition to Western fashion, but it has been a staple in Eastern fashion for thousands of years. This form of piercing is gaining popularity in the Western world as more and more people opt to have their noses pierced for a bold, confident and edgy look.

nose piercings and tatoo

Nose Rings, Nose Studs and Nose Jewelry – A Short Style Guide for Your First Piercing

Nose piercings have become these days the second most common type of piercing after earlobe piercing. They have become loved since they can be fashionable while being discreet. Take a look at this short style guide before the big step

nose piercings and tatoo

Nose Piercings: Important Things to Know

This article is meant to present some of the most important things you should consider before… and after a nose piercing. Nose piercing is not just some kind of avantgarde practice, it is well know for hundreds of years and it is pretty chic!