Nose rings might seem like a relatively new addition to Western fashion, but it has been a staple in Eastern fashion for thousands of years. This form of piercing is gaining popularity in the Western world as more and more people opt to have their noses pierced for a bold, confident and edgy look.

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And while nose piercings used to be frowned down upon, they are becoming increasingly accepted as a trendy form of fashion.

Although they’re the second most popular form of body piercing, many people don’t know the basics of nose piercings. For example, while most people believe that a nose ring is simply the traditional piercing that goes through the nostril, there are in fact, over 10 types of nose piercings ranging in complexity from simple to ultra-complicated. Some of the more popular types are the septum, high nostril and the nassalang.

Also, the term ‘nose ring’ is quite restrictive. There are more types of nose jewelry than a simple ‘ring’. These include nose bones, barbells, captive bead rings and hoops. The type of jewelry you choose will largely depend on the type of nose piercing you opt for.

You will also have to consider the type of metal you choose because this can directly affect the health of your nose after you receive your piercing. Infections are quite common if you choose the wrong type of metal. This is why opting for a hypoallergenic and safe metal for your nose jewelry is imperative.

If you’re wondering which nose piercing to start with, the best is the nostril piercing. It is less intimidating and a beginner-friendly version. The nose ring is the best type of nose jewelry for a beginner as it will be easier to clean, and it also allows for swelling.

To wrap up, wearing a nose ring is a great way to showcase your personality. Choose your style and flaunt who you are!

Let’s take a look at the infographic below that sums up some key facts about nose rings.

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