Perfumes – The Essential Things You Need to Know About Them

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Any perfume is a true philosophy and before buying such a product, inform yourself and discover what fragrance suits you, what perfume makes you feel sexy and you will know it’s really worth the investment.

The “Perfumes – the essential things you need to know about them” article is based on some of the most common questions about perfumes. We tend to ask them but nobody answers, so, here are simple answers to 5 of those questions.

A Perfume Can Change My Mood?

Of course, the scent is like music. A song you don’t like tends to annoy you, and, on the other hand, your favorite song gives you the right good mood you need. When your nose detects a flavor, olfactory neurons send information to the limbic system – the one that controls memory, behavior and emotions – before arriving in the cortex where reason is. Each flavor has its power: mint distracts from pain, cinnamon gives energy, lavender and jasmine relax.

What to Do if I Used Too Much Perfume?

Lemon juice is acid and cuts the flavor of your fragrance. Wash your skin with soap and water and then rub the area with a swab dipped in lemon juice.[singlepic id=906 h=200 float=left]

What Are the Areas Most Suitable for Perfume Application?

Coco Chanel said it should apply perfume in places where you want to be kissed, but if you want to be kissed all over? You might exaggerate. Apply perfume on one wrist of the hand and then touch each other. Do not rub, that will destroy the molecules of perfume. You can also apply on the area between the breasts, and you will feel all day like the aroma tickles your nose.

Can I Create My Own Fragrance?

You need a chemical laboratory for this, but you can try to apply two perfumes, one over the other. Test first the combination on a napkin and try to stay in the same perfume family, flowers from floral, woody over wood, etc…

Why Does My Perfume Smell Different on My Friend’s Skin?

The aroma of a perfume is influenced by the type of skin, hormones, what you eat, medication, etc. If you start to take a particular vitamin, you may notice that certain scents that you liked smell awful now. Rich aromas like amber and wood have more stable molecules and do not change their smell, the citrus and lilac are more unstable and more volatile. It is recommended that you apply perfume on naked and clean skin.

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