Where on Your Body Is Best to Apply Perfume

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We usually apply perfume on the neck, neck or wrists. But according to some perfume specialists, there are other areas of the body that better keep the scent all day.

Where to Apply Perfume to Last All Day?

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Spray Some Perfume on Your hair Brush

The fibers are those that best maintain the scent over time, so you’ll find your perfume on a ribbon that you wore days ago. Make use of this and apply perfume on your hair, so the smell will last much longer. But because the perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your hair, instead of applying directly to the hair, spray a little perfume on the brush before you use it.

On Your Collarbone and Décolletage

It is one of the classic areas of application of perfume and not without good reason. Large blood vessels under the skin in the neck have a higher temperature than other parts of the body, which helps the gradual dissemination of the fragrance throughout the day.

Behind the Ears

The warmest areas of the body are those that will deliver the best fragrance throughout the day. One of which is below the earlobe. Spray a little perfume behind each ear.

Apply Some Perfume on Wrists and Inside the Elbows

Also, these parts of you arms are covered with numerous blood vessels, turning them into ideal spots of appling the perfume. Spray a little perfume on wrists, but also on the inside of elbows.

On the Belly Button

It may sound unusual, but this trick of applying fragrance is known especially in the world of Hollywood stars. According to dailymail.co.uk, the late actress Elizabeth Taylor used it frequently, revealing that her father was the one who taught her to apply a little perfume in the belly button so her favorite flavors to accompany her all day.

Behind Your Knees

On hot summer days, freshly applied perfume behind the knees will give your every move a breath of freshness. Apply on these areas every time you wear skirts, dresses or shorts.

Don’t Apply Perfume on All These Body Areas Simultaneously

Remember that perfume should be discreet, so it is preferable not to apply too much an in any case not on all these areas simultaneously.


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