Check Out These Insanely Cute Accessories You Need in 2019

It is a new year and if you want to give that ‘accessories collection’ of yours a bit of a shakeup, you can browse through many interesting choices. They can be jewelry pieces or must-have accompaniments on a trip. 

With unprecedented innovations and a nod at classic aesthetics, these accessories can be the pride of your new year’s shopping. Enjoy these following recommendations and add some swag to your personal style.

Hats And More Hats

Hats are a wardrobe essential for the discerning fashion enthusiast. Apart from the obvious function of a hat, these versatile pieces make very attractive accessories too. A hat can be the signature touch you need to make your outfit complete. The vintage trend is something that never goes away and if you do not want to experiment with an entire outfit, hats are a safe bet to start with. 

If we are to believe the trendsetters in the world’s fashion capitals, then the bucket hat has been reinvented as a must-have spring and summer accessory. Opt for stylistic patterns that offer some 1990’s nostalgia or choose a solid bright color. These can be worn with elegant silk trousers and floral pattern tops. 

This year, the discerning Fashionistas will also be rocking those cute baker boy hats, a nod at the era of noir and classic elements. Neutral and dark tones are the best and these versatile pieces will go with your denim as well as your skirts. The men are not left out of the fun. Baker boy hats will be perfect with a smart casual outfit. 

The Rolex

What is it about Rolex watches that continuously endear them to those who love luxury? There is, of course, the mechanisms and innovations that the company is known for. Ever since it released the Oyster shell in the 1920s, Rolex has always been the first to many features we take for granted in a good watch. The workmanship that goes into making a Rolex is legendary. According to Julian Shores from Frost NYC, it takes a year to make allof the components of a single Rolex watch but they produce 2000 watches a day.

Gold Chains and Bracelets

While pendant shopping you can also pick up a chain to match with. There are many types of gold chain designs – some thick, some slender and those with embellishments and carvings. Popular styles include the endearing Figaro chain, the Cuban Miami link chain, and the simple yet sophisticated rope chain.

Need some tips to wear these rather charming pieces? A solid gold chain works best with a dark tee but you can also wear a bunch of thin chains with a tee. 

Bracelets are also very charming whether worn by men or women. Men’s bracelets are plainer than women’s items and the most popular ones are the wrist chains made from precious metals. These can be paired with a matching neck chain or watch.

Let’s start planning for summer – Cute Beach Accessories

Accessories come into play most when we are in our casual wardrobes. Summer is a few months away but there is certainly no harm in starting to shop for the season’s accessories. A tote that celebrates the season of life is a perfect purchase. 

Tote bags are large and spacious and they come in a resounding choice of colors and patterns – just like summer! Lunch bags are also a better choice than paper or plastic bags for your beach picnics. Some come with coolers that will preserve your food and not to mention, in a host of bright pastels and light hues. Basket bags, inspired by rustic Asian aesthetics are a much sought-after accessory. Apart from the exotic design, these bags are produced from a renewable and abundant source.

When you are planning to go out in the sun, pack some shades. Bamboo sunglasses are a thing now – ditch the plastic frames and opt for this lightweight, sturdy, and sustainable choice. The polarized lenses of these bamboo sunglasseswill offer your eyes all the required protection from harmful radiation.

Eyewear is not the only thing that comes in bamboo. Bamboo and cane flip-flops are also a refreshing and cute addition to your summer wardrobe.

Eye-catching and functional travel accessories

Now that you have accessories lined up for your everyday wear and seaside getaways, it is time to look at options when you are on the road. An infinity scarf is a good accessory to have. It looks like a regular scarf and comes in all your favorite colors – and it has hidden pockets where you can keep your IDs and other small items. How about that for a nifty, attractive, and very useful travel accessory?

A good backpack is another very important accessory and this year the designs and features are getting even more hi-tech. Now you can buy attractive and light backpacks that can charge your electronics while you carry them. Spacing in travel backpacks is specifically thought out to accommodate your laptops, cameras, and a basic set of clothes. These are wonderful accessories for a day jaunt out of the hotel on your trip – everything snugly fitting in a smartly designed and great-to-look-at bag. 

Many big brands and small start-ups are coming up with new travel jacket designs. Banish the thought of a large clumsy jacket with very visible pockets out of your mind – 2019 calls for sleek shapes and hidden pockets and spaces artfully cut out of the most attractive and durable fabrics.

Keeping in mind the modern gear that modern travelers lug around, travel jackets now have dedicated space for your earphones to your tablets. Made for men and women, there are various stylesto choose from. Pair your brand new travel jacket with equally enterprising trousers and enjoy your mobility without worrying about your stuff.

Accessories provide the finishing accent to your outfit or they can also be the functional essentials that you cannot do without. Relish the new range of innovative designs and enjoy some great reactions from your friends as you flaunt bold and lovable new designs.

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