How to Dress Up for Coachella

Coachella has created its own fun festival fashion that is a hit among the younger generations. Here’s what to wear to stay comfortable all day.
How to Dress Up for Coachella 1

Coachella is one of the most-talked-about events every year. It dominates all social media feeds even months after the event. This festival is  one of the most popular music eventsdue to its high-profile performances and proximity to Los Angeles.

Its popularity has created its own kind of fashion, encouraging denim cutout clad, cowboy hat-wearing, flower-crowned women to attend. It is all about dressing up for the desert.

Some women have become adept and comfortable at moving around dry polo fields wearing heeled ankle boots, straw cowboy hats designed for girls and tons of beaded jewelry. For newcomers, the wrong wardrobe choices can cause a whole day of misery and feeling either too hot or too cold.

Dress Up According to the Weather

Coachella is a full-day concert, so dressing up in style and comfort must be carefully considered. There are weather predictions for the week, but this can still vary.

The hot, desert weather calls for comfortable and cool tops like linen, cotton and rayon. Pair this with comfortable denim cutout shorts or skirts and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. If you are into dresses, meanwhile, make sure it is comfortable to wear all day through. Fringed skirts are also stylish, but choose just the right length to avoid snagged hemlines.   

Despite the warm weather, the desert can be cold during the night, so it is advisable to bring an oversized sweater. A large scarf or neckerchief is also a staple, which can double as a blanket that you can sit on during the festivities.

The festival is also a display of flower crowns and headpieces. It will be great to wear one of those but to be practical, bring a light-colored baseball hat, a cowboy hat or a flower-embellished straw hat instead to protect your face from the damaging effects of the sun.

Avoid Treasured Fashion Pieces

Coachella is not the place to display family heirloom pieces and treasured clothing items like designer leather jackets. The desert will cover these items with dust, dirt and bits of dry grass.

It is advisable to wear clothes that are easy to wash and wear, such as denim and cotton. Also, make a mental note to wear clothes you can part with in case they get dirty or damaged beyond repair.

Additionally, wearing gold and silver jewelry is also a big no for fashion festivals. These metal jewelry items can become hot under the scorching sun. If you need to accessorize, opt for braided, woven or beaded jewelry.

Coachella is a big event, and there is a selection of items allowed within the grounds. A small backpack can accommodate your essentials, such as an empty water bottle, sunblock, sunglasses and a scarf.

Prepare for a day of heat, fun, constant dancing and moving around. Do not forget to make a wise choice of footwear. Though sandals are the fashionable choice, it will leave you with dusty, dirty and potentially injured feet. Go for ankle boots or sneakers, which are comfortable for walking.

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