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Their dresses with diaphanous veils and spectacular drapes are certainly the main choices of actresses for Oscar Awards and other galas.

Marchesa :

Is one of the first names that come to mind when you look at many of spectacular appearances of the stars on the red carpet. Whether the Oscars, Golden Globe, Film Festival at Cannes or Venice, “Marchesa” dresses are a favorite choice of style. They have the power to transform any movie star in a true diva, full of femininity and style.


Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig . They both followed courses of College of Art and Design in London-Chelsea, so they know each other since student-years. Brand “Marchesa” was launched in 2004 and since then enjoyed being a really successful brand, being awarded “Best Business” in Britain’s Best Awards, from the perspective of sales, estimated at 30 million each year.


“Marchesa” comes from the name of one of the most scandalous women in history: marquise Luisa Casati , whose eccentric personality marked the first three decades of the twentieth century. She was considered a dandy-woman, dressed by emblematic names in design, such as Paul Poiret and Erte. A well know figure in Paris night life, her appearances have impressed other strong personalities such as Coco Chanel , Elsa Schiaparelli and Picasso but also great names in cinema history.

Fashion Week in New York:

[singlepic id=33 h=200 float=left] In the tradition of past Marchesa shows, during Fashion week in New York, the models didn’t walk on the catwalk, but stayed still in some minimalist installations, which included large cubes. Although some have criticized this approach, preferring to see movements, and dresses in motion, most of those present were pleased and said that they were pleasantly impressed.
Spring-summer collection is the quintessential glamour: impressive train, embroidery, lace and asymmetry. The best was, undoubtedly, the dress of mauve tulle with an over sized ribbon over the top and orchids, hand made of feathers. A true visual delight.


Sympathy and success in the “first league” of Hollywood can be seen without being a connoisseur of fashion. Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba, J Lo, Jessica Alba and many other stars, are impressed by the Marchesa’s style and therefore you often see them dressed in this gall-aristocratic style.

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