Best Hair Color Ideas for the Spring/Summer Season According to Latest Trends

Check out what are the newest trends and embrace yourself with the best solutions that will completely suit your personality and shake up that wild side of yours!

Hello sun, goodbye cold wind, and gloomy winter! The best time in a year, filled with holidays and summer vacations is finally approaching, and everyone is thrilled. Long walks, hot weather, traveling, relaxed and soft skin, beautiful and light outfits, awesome hairstyles – this is what you live for. And it’s started!

You can finally put those heavy jackets, sweaters, and scarfs away to the wardrobe, and forget how messy your hair looks every time you take off your cap. Greet beautiful sun instead, along with awesome and natural hair which you just need to wash and dry, only adding a couple of cute and hip hair accessoriesto give a little spice to your overall style.

This season will really be one of a kind with awesome hairstyle trends you should definitely follow. It will wake up your creativity and finally give you space to show your true childish side. Asymmetry, cute curls, adorable bangs, tacky and mutual colors, braids, all you ever longed for is finally here and ready to be tried and applied.

Hip Hair Colors for the Upcoming Season

Yes! You can stick up to those well tested and long used hair colors and hair dying styles that have been with us for ages now, but still a good way to go – like simply going blond, or embracing hot brunette personality, or maybe turning fiery red, even trying classical brown to blond ombre or sombre hairstyle, or mixing up those colors a little bit. But, this season is offering the whole new dimension in experimenting with color ideas and solutions that will make you become the real neoteric person.

Say “yes” to these hairdo ideas, and the world of a trendsetter will truly become yours.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey, lignite gray, coal gray, ashy gray, light gray, simply put – gray. A trend that has been with us for some time now, and still it isn’t going away, but becoming more complex and diverse instead.

The color you can easily apply to blonde tones, or even light blues, violet, and pink, can highlight your skin tone, eyebrows and give you an out-of-this-world appearance and beauty. It can suit well with your unique personality and style, but being able to fit those formal events where you need to look stunning. Unpretentiously said, this season is a gray friendly season!

Ashy Pink 

Not simply pink, but ashy pink is a total hit this time. Undertone that will add up to your cool appearance making you a total queen of the season, no matter if you are on an amazing travel vacation around the globe, or chilling on the beach with your best friends, this is THE avant-garde beauty code that can’t be easily worn out. 

Copper Silk

Reddish brown, or better known as copper, a color that has always been popular among every generation. This season’s silky copper color is an ultra-wearable luxurious solution, that will need a professional touch to be reached. A peculiar tone that will express your inner fiery side and uniqueness.

Multi-Colored Tails

„I speak polychrome!“ The new and fresh approach in getting your ombre done – colorful tips and tails.  This playful childlike look will show your creativity fully and highlight your daring personality. Remember, only the bravest people can set the trend, so let yourself be one of them.

Perfect Hairstyle at Your Fingertips!

After choosing your best hair color, you can start using natural products and hair masks you can even make in your own kitchen to keep it soft, healthy and silky. And, once you have all you need, you can start with picking out that perfect haircut you would like to embrace during Spring/Summer season.

From bangs, bobs, ponytails, simple hippy style, to wrapping it up with a scarf and adding up accessories, the playground is completely yours and up to you. Choose the one that suits your face and personality the most, and get ready for the time of your life!

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