2021 Jewellery Trends to Shop

If you appreciate vintage & antique jewellery and more, it's time to check out the 2021 jewellery trends to shop.
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The year 2020 was surely the year every one of us would not want to remember for obvious reasons. As the world tries to get back to its feet in 2021, everyone is looking forward to the year 2021 with positivity, hope, and aspirations while stepping out of our homes. With last year spent mostly at home, it’s time to update our style, wardrobe, and most importantly  – jewellery! If you appreciate vintage & antique jewellery and more, it’s time to check out the 2021 jewellery trends to shop.

Mismatched Earrings

One of the best ways to make a powerful style statement is to choose mismatched earrings. Mismatched Earrings are unique and break the rules. For instance, you can try pairing out different shapes of studs together, jhumkas of different textures, and hoops of varied sizes. The best thing about Mismatched Earrings is that they are extremely stylish to grab attention and look out of the box. This is simply because the human eye is used to symmetry that anything not routine instantly draws piques interest and attention. However, it is important to make it an aesthetically pleasing pair. You can shop for a pair of new earrings on ItsHot website, as they provide a well-chosen selection with wide price ranges.

You can try out studs with different geometric patterns such as a variety of flowers, shapes, moon and star, and mix-match them to make a powerful style statement. Alternatively, you can try pairing hoops with a retro vibe by choosing two vintage & antique pieces from different stud sets and sizes to grab the attention of everyone. You can even pair up two different shapes of pearl earrings or choose hammered earrings to access the perfect rustic feel. How about the beginning of a new personal style by pairing vintage & antique mismatched diamond earrings?

Dree Necklace

The Bohemian yet refined Dree Necklaces evoke the magical glamour of sparkling Riviera waters and coastal villages. Dainty but full of details, the Dree Necklace can be worn on its own or layered. The fact that it is bling plus simplicity to bring compliments from all corners makes the Dree Necklace a great purchase. 

Ideal for everyday or special occasion, the Dree Necklace adds a wonderful accent to work outfits and formal wear. No wonder, you’ll fall in love with the Dree Necklace the moment you put your eyes on it. The eye-catching Dree Necklace is designed to add style and impact to every outfit. Whether it is a simple t-shirt and jeans or the gorgeous little black dress that you love, the Dree Necklace is just the style statement you always demanded deep inside your heart and deserved!

Pearl Earrings

Vintage & antique pearl earrings are timeless and can add an old-world charm and grace to your ensemble. Whether you’re looking to glam things up with luxury Pearl Hoop Earrings or classic Pearl Stud Earrings to match up with your gorgeous pearl necklace, there’s something for everyone!

Crush Bangles

You may have thought for a while that crush bangles are out of favour but wait! Crush bangles are subtly everywhere and if you are thinking of making a gorgeous statement at work or social gatherings, you just cannot miss out on crush bangles.

Capulet Pearly Bracelet

Pearls are sensual delights, to say the least! Capulet Pearly Bracelets look utterly sexy and immensely chic and the best thing is that Capulet Pearly Bracelets can bring any outfit immediately together. If you appreciate cool and sleek vintage & antique jewellery, you just cannot miss out on Capulet Pearly Bracelets.

Tinker Bell Ring

Bored in lockdown and want to reinvent your jewellery wardrobe? How about Tinker Bell Rings? They can be worn on their own or stacked and even added as pendants to bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Talk about parures! ⁠ How about stepping out of your comfort zones and pushing the boundaries with the beautiful Tinker Bell Ring.

Koko Studs

Every girl and woman in this world deserves to wear a little sparkle, some in her eyes, some on her dress, and some on her jewellery. Koko Studs are a must-have for all queens and princesses and it surely makes the saying “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is the Most Beautiful of Them All?” a truth for you, adding more to your beauty.

The Lia Twist Ring

Celebrate the special moments in life by pairing the Lia Twist Ring on its own or stack the gorgeous ring with other vintage & antique jewellery pieces. Shopping jewellery should always be an experience like no other and the Lia Twist Ring truly justifies this statement. 

Monili Braided Collar Necklace

If you appreciate stunning jewellery pieces, multiple strands of glimmering monili beads make the Monili Braided Collar Necklace a stylish piece of jewellery. This elegant necklace will instantly elevate your neckline. Designed to elegantly catch attention, this collar necklace is a must buy.

Silver Plated Brass Hand Anklets

Looking for stylish and trendy anklets? The Silver Plated Brass Hand Anklets are simple yet stylish and the amazing design of the anklets will help you achieve a stunning look.

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