Dressing to Impress? Here Are 6 Dress Styles to Consider

For anyone dressing casually for a lunch date with parents or a quick night out, a well-chosen dress is the go-to solution. A dress is an essential wardrobe accessory for a perfect style and fit regardless of body type. The trick is to know the dress style to match your occasion and body type. Below is a compilation of dress styles not to miss in any woman’s favorite dress list.  

Maxi Dress

The cool and effortless maxi dress is a must-have. A maxi dress oozes good vibes and sunshine everywhere. In addition, this dress looks great on everyone regardless of body shape. This dress is a favorite when cruising around the neighborhood to run errands or to visit the local market. A maxi dress is an easier option to go with the summer and spring vibe.  

This dress can be paired with a pair of ultra-chic shades and espadrilles when going to a brunch date. Alternatively, the maxi dress can be paired with a favorite floppy sun hat and leather thong-style sandals to make a low-key appearance. For a jersey maxi dress with tad on the lengthy side, tying the hem into a knot gives extra oomph. 

Floral Print Dress 

The floral print dress should not miss when shopping wholesale womens clothing.Floral prints are synonymous with spring blooms backed by vibrant colors for a mesmerizing display of nature. This dress comes with a slim spaghetti-strap style for tying easily around the waist. A floral print dress can be fitted with a white t-shirt underneath for a 90s vibe. For women who prefer a more romantic look, floral print styles with ruffle details are ideal. These can be combined with a bright-colored clutch, neutral stacked heeled sandals, and statement necklace. This offers a sweet and sassy look. 

Wrap Dress 

This modern easy wrap dress comes with endless style possibilities. Stylish ladies always look forward to revisiting its universally flattering look for all body shapes especially ladies with pear and apple curves. Wrap dresses come in multiple stand out colors and patterns. This allows shoppers to make their choice easily when traveling or for weekends. Pumps and a bright white structured blazer seamlessly transform the wrap dress into a wonderful springtime office wear. 

Shift Dress

The shift dress is a wonderful work to evening wear. Shift dresses incorporate bright spring colors for shoppers to make their selection. This allows a smooth transition of the dress from work attire to evening wear with ease. This chic sheath dress offers ideal day to night wear just in case the warm summer weather lures you to hang out with friends, colleagues or loved one after work. It eliminates the need to go home and change. The shift dress is very flattering for women with a lean athletic shape and those with an hourglass figure. 

A-Line Dress

dressthat complements the wearer’s silhouettes regardless of the season is the casual A-line dress. This dress has the fit and flare for a dazzling look even in winter when combined with boots and tights. The A-line dress is appropriate for women with an athletic build looking forward to defining their waist. For those with curves, this dress has the flare to give a perfect match. A subtly patterned A-line dress can be combined with chunky heels or T-strapped sandals for a casual style look. When looking forward to an understated look, dressier A-line dresses are combined with a denim jacket and flat shoes.  

Midi Dress 

This dress comes with a timeless and elegant appeal. A midi dress offers plenty of movement and flow. Additionally, a bodycon midi dress is a must-have when looking forward to a sleek and chic fit. A midi dress has hemlines gracing the calf between the ankle and knee. It makes this dress ideal when going out to a formal event such as a wedding in the fall or a spring graduation party. Women with an apple shape or hourglass shape can accentuate the lean rectangular shape opting for a bodycon style dress. Alternatively, they can opt for a billowy silhouette dress to go with the flow. 

Important Notice to Boutique Owners

When shopping for clothing wholesale, online is the best stop. Ensure to find a reliable wholesale distributor of ladies clothing. The supplier should have a range of clothing in various styles and to match the needs of various customers including plus-sized ladies. Getting whatever you need for your boutique saves time and effort. It eliminates spending time looking for various suppliers and checking their product range. 

Bottom Line

 Women want to look good always. Therefore, boutique owners have a task to stock the appropriate styles and designs to match the needs of all their customers. The dress styles above are some of those that should not miss on the boutique owners’ shopping list.

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