How the Fashion Industry Is Revolutionizing Women’s Lingerie Experience

Here's how the fashion industry is changing the world's perception of women's lingerie experience.
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The changes in fashion for women have changed dramatically. With women empowerment taking center stage, designers have taken it as inspiration and a goal. 

One type of women’s garments making leaps and bounds in this endeavor is intimate wear. Lingerie used to be called ‘unmentionables,’ but today, it’s completely acceptable. We can even say it’s common for women to shop and talk about lingerie.

Lingerie, from the basics to nightwear, is as personal as it gets. Thus, it’s influential in revolutionizing the modern woman because it’s a private experience, where a woman can authentically feel sexy and powerful.

But how the fashion industry does this might be unclear, it seems like it just happened. Here’s how the fashion industry is changing the world’s perception of women’s lingerie experience.

Inclusive Lingerie

Empowerment shouldn’t just be limited to the ‘archetypal’ beautiful woman that the media have propagated for the rest of history. From a business standpoint, excluding women who don’t fit the ‘look’ also means excluding potential markets. Inclusivity sells because most women don’t fit one image.

Brands that cater to a broader size and body type range are becoming more popular. Oppositely, people tend to stay away from brands that haven’t diversified their pieces. In terms of beauty, Fenty Beauty released 40 foundation shades in 2017, and it shook the beauty industry.

Ever since then, many other brands have followed suit, and people have spoken out about how certain brands aren’t as inclusive. But Rihanna wasn’t done there. She also released her lingerie brand called Savage x Fenty. It came in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making more women feel represented and empowered. Believe it or not, it’s still not inclusive enough because women have different versions of perfect sizes and tones. 

But it isn’t just about colors and sizes. Truly inclusive brands should represent and cater to more kinds of women. For instance, women who just had mastectomies want surgical bra that can make represented and empowered, too. Inclusivity in fashion has indeed revolutionized women’s lingerie.

Lingerie as Outerwear 

One way the fashion industry revolutionizes women’s linger experience is by wearing lingerie pieces as outerwear. At first, perhaps, it was deemed to be daring. Nonetheless, gradually, it has become a trend and then a prevailing fashion choice. 

But did you know that using undergarments as outerwear started in the 15th century? Interestingly enough, it was a trend by men. The codpiece was an undergarment meant to be exposed. This pouch or flap covered and accentuated their genitals.

We also have the corset, which was popularly worn until it slowly died out around the 1900s. But the corset went back in the most unexpected of places. Thanks to Vivienne Westwood, the corset and crinoline skirts made a comeback in the punk scene. Later on, corsets were also used by Alexander McQueen in the ’90s.

Other designers used the corset to reflect a woman’s sexual empowerment. They designed it to look more like armor, to reflect strength, like Madona’s iconic cone bra.

Other undergarments in history made their way to become outerwear, such as bloomers, chemise or slip dresses, as well as whale tails or thongs. The slip dress was especially glamorized in the ’90s. Who can forget how fashion-forward Kate Moss was with her transparent slip dress back in 1993? 

From silk, lace, and transparent negligées, bras, corset tops, and corset bodices, it has stormed the red carpet thanks to celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and many more. In 2020, lingerie as outerwear had become a real trend not just on the runway and the red carpet but also for streetwear. 

Sustainable Lingerie

Another trend in fashion is sustainability. It’s no secret that the textile industry contributes to pollution. More people are changing their shopping and lifestyle choices to support the fight against environmental damage.

Sleepwear, intimates, and bedroom pieces are changing. As always, fashion evolves with the beat of society. Women in the world today want more, and they’re showing brands how to do it right with money. As usual, money talks, but the way we spend it can drive even lingerie brands to listen to what women want, like inclusivity, sustainability, authenticity, and beauty.

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