5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Every woman should have at least these five types of shoes in her closet to deal with her day-to-day style fashion decisions.
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Every girl needs shoes to go with personal style. But let’s just be honest and admit that we don’t have enough space in our closet for all these shoes. So, there are 5 types that should be irreplaceable:

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

They are so comfortable and can add a plus to an outfit. You can wear them for something casual, or for a more formal event. They are easily the most versatile style and can be worn all year round! These flat shoes are best worn with relaxed clothing like shorts, cropped pants and knee length skirts.


I know that they are not the most comfortable shoes on this planet, but let’s be real. We are girls! We need a type of shoes that can burst up our confidence. High-heels are just something that can add a little glam to your outfit. You know, higher the heels, better a girl feels!



This autumn, boots are coming back! They are a must have in your closet. You can’t go wrong with them. Style boots with pencil skirts, well fitted trousers or your classic pair of jeans.



Sneakers will never let you down. Whether it is hitting the gym or walking the dog, a girl cannot do without a pair of these. Comfort should come before the style when buying sneakers. They can be your to-go look. You can wear anything with a pair of sneakers, without worrying about how you look, because you’ll look fabulous no matter what with them!

Nude Stilettos

Nude Stilettos

The idea is to pick the perfect shade of nude. Pick one closest to your skin color. Nude heels instantly elongate your legs! They can complete every outfit, from an elegant dress, to boyfriend jeans and a crop-top.

If you have all these shoes in your closet, you’re ready to go! If you don’t own them, well what are you waiting for? You can give your outfits their own style, you can feel more confident and you can inspire others with your attitude!

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