What Are the Best Bras for Backless Tops / Dresses?

Bra with straps but no band

No woman would resist the temptation of a backless top / dress. It makes you look elegant, sexy, and gorgeous, certainly, on the basis of wearing the right bra.

If you have large breasts, support for the boobs is the first thing to consider.

If you have small breasts, you are going to have a lot of choices. 

Part 1: Bras with straps (4 types)

Part 2: Bras without straps / Strapless bras (4 types)

Part 3: Fancy back bra (4 types)

Part 1: Bra with straps (4 types)

If you have large breasts, bras with straps are highly recommended because they can provide enough support for your boobs. Girls with small breasts are ok to choose both bras with straps or those without.

1.1 Bra With Straps but No Band

Bra with straps but no band
Bra with straps but no band

I searched a few shopping sites for this type of bra, but no luck. From the look of the bra it fits backless clothes well, but I feel like that it is not comfortable to wear.

1.2 Bra With Straps and Low Band

Bra with straps and low band from Victoria’s Secret

If your backless clothing shows 70%-80% of your back, you can choose bras with straps and low band.

You may search “low back bra” online, and you will find bras with different low back level.

1.3 Multiway or Convertible Bras

Convertible bras

A convertible bra is versatile for backless, halter, off shoulder, spaghetti, and everyday clothing. I strongly recommend that every woman buy a convertible bra.

1.4 Bra Extender

Bra extender

If you do not wish to buy particular bras for your tricky top, you can buy bra extenders and diy your regular bra to a backless one.

Tips: The DIY bra can be worn occasionally, but not on a long time basis. This is because the DIY bra does not lay even force on body, which may cut off blood circulation and is not good for boobs health.

Part 2: Bras Without Straps / Strapless Bras (4 Types)

2.1 Regular Strapless Bras

Photo Source: Owned by Niidor

Regular strapless bras are the same with normal bras, comfortable, durable, and easy to wear. They are my #1 priority when it comes to strapless bras.

Tips: You may size down the band size of strapless bras so that the bras stay tight and don’t fall off easily.

2.2 Adhesive Bras

Owned by Niidor

Adhesive bras are also versatile for any backless, halter, off shoulder clothing. There are various types of adhesive bras for different needs like push up, support.

2.3 Nipple Covers

Owned by Niidor

If you enjoy the feeling of going braless, then nipple covers would be your top pick. Nipple covers don’t support breasts well, so they are not good for long-term wearing.

2.4 Breast Lift Tape

Like nipple covers, breast lift tape liberates you from the binding straps.

Part 3: Fancy Back Bras

Choosing the right fancy back bra for your backless clothing is never easy. It tells your fashion taste, so you can never be too picky.

Tips: If you dress is for official occasion, fancy back bra is not a good choice. Fancy back bra is more suitable on casual occasions.

3.1 Bras With Backstop

Bras with backstop or T back bras are great to go with backless clothing. Special t back design is better.

3.2 Bras With Slim Cross Back Straps

Slim cross back straps look great on backless clothing.

Tips: “SLIM” straps is the key.

3.3 Bras With Slim Straps and Band

When you don’t want to sacrifice the band or straps, you may choose this type of bra.

3.4 Bandeau

It’s ok to show half of the bandeau when you wear a backless top.

Tips: Bandeau with special lace design is great.

If you don’t want to struggle with which type of bra to choose for your tricky top, then adhesive bras are the best choice. One pair of adhesive bras are good to fit your off shoulder, halter, spaghetti, backless clothing.

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