The 5 Hottest Jewelry Trends for 2017

Find Out Which Trends Are Making Waves in 2017

As 2017 gets underway, big changes are shaking up the jewelry industry. Designers and retailers are quickly wising up to the trends and styles that are expected to make waves in the year ahead. New movements are finding their footing, as old-school styles are coming back into the fore. Get a head start and learn about the biggest jewelry trends gaining traction in 2017. 

Throwback to the 80’s

The 80’s are coming back in a big way. We’re seeing television shows and movies rediscovering the magic that was the 1980’s, and now those same trends are hitting the fashion world over again. Overly large earrings are quickly becoming all the rage. Large hoops, long drop-down earrings, and hefty knockers are all expected to make an appearance in the coming year. Sometimes bigger is better.

Charm Your Way to the Top

Good news: charms aren’t just for tweens anymore. Individualized style is back on top. Buying ready-made jewelry is so last year. In 2017, more and more people are starting to accessories bands with a unique jewel or charm. This is a great way to highlight a piece of your personality by mixing and matching different items. You probably don’t want to combine half a dozen charms on one piece of jewelry. It’s best to stick with one charm or jewel for a more minimalist approach. If you really want to get a jump-start on the New Year, try finding unique charms at an antique store or a farmer’s market.

I Heart You

As kitschy as heart-shaped jewelry can be, 2017 is turning old ideas of what’s hot upside down. Despite your inner ick-factor, heart-shaped diamonds and jewels are not what they used to be. Worn with a little bit of irony, heart-shaped jewels are suddenly hip again. Designers are taking a second look at this often overused shape and turning it into something new and unforgettable. 

How Geometric of You

Geometric shapes are also making a splash in 2017. Squares, rectangles, octagons, and hexagons are getting their time in the limelight. Those hard angles and rigid shapes are working their way into the mainstream. These pieces go great with a minimalist outfit with solid colors and chic angled patterns. While this isn’t exactly breaking news in the world of fashion, you can relax knowing that geometric shapes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! Take a look at this stunning geometric piece at Firenze Jewels to keep up to trend!

Color Is Dead

You heard it here first. Colorful jewel combinations are losing their prominence in 2017. The New Year is all about solid white or black jewelry. The best designers are stripping all the bold colors out of their latest creations. The most posh fashionistas are sticking with anything that features a complete lack of color. Solid white and black seem to be the most popular. It’s minimalism all over again.

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