Her dress was a resemblance of the one that the character of Julia Roberts wore on Pretty Woman in the 80’s

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We really love Taylor Swift, we really do. And we love (almost) every bit of style she throws at us. But sometimes even the goddesses make mistakes.

Here is the resemblance of her dress to the one that the character of Julia Roberts had on Pretty Woman in the 80’s:

The theme of this year’s Metropolitan Museum’s gala event was high-tech and the was named: “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”. Taylor Swift co-chaired the event along with Apple’s Chief Design Officer Johnny Ive and her dress was a custom Louis Vuitton.

So, girls, when you go to an event that requires some level of attention, do the documentation first and be sure to make safe bets. Eh, checked this beauty tip, so let’s move on.

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