3 Secrets That Will Make You Look Thinner

Here are 3 beauty tips that you can apply if you want to show an elongated silhouette. However, these tips should not stop you from eating healthy.

Strong Colors

Use powerful colors as doing “magic” in your favor. In addition, they will be in trend next spring so any expenditure will not be a waste but an investment. If you have wide hips and thick thighs choose to wear a black skirt, simple, under the knee and a strong color top. You can choose imperial blue or green for the top of your outfit and you will draw attention to the area of your body without any problems.

A New Bra

Natalie Minh fitnessEvery woman needs to know how to choose the right bra. A bra is not just an accessory, but a very useful object that shapes your silhouette, so be careful when you go shopping to pick a model that suits you best and with an appropriate size. A global study has shown that 85% of women wear the wrong bra. If you do not know what bra would fit you, go to a lingerie shop and ask the seller to help you. In addition, do not think you spend too much money when it comes to bras and choose a quality one, even if more expensive. It is not snobbish or smartly, but it is important for your comfort and health.

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Choose Blouses With Cleavage in “V” Form

This type of neckline lengthens your figure and makes you look taller and svelter. There is one thing to bear in mind, neck hydration. Many women care for their skin, but not neck or decolletage, which is not good. For your neck you should follow the same beauty routine as the one you follow for your face, cleanser and moisturizing cream.

Extra Tip: Show a Little Bit of Skin

If you go to a party or just out with the girls, try to choose clothes won’t show you completely covered. Bare arms and cleavage to form a “V” makes you look svelter, plus they look sexy.

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