5 Trends to Inspire Your Prom Dress Pick

Prom is the event you look forward to all school year. When prom season arrives at long last, finding the perfect dress becomes top priority. Keep this season’s trends in mind when dress hunting and aim to strike that just-right balance between being fashionably on trend and true to your personal style. Have all eyes on you by picking the perfect dress to flaunt on prom night!
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off-the-shoulder dress


Dare to bare some skin with the hot off-the-shoulder trend. Off-the-shoulder dresses are available with all sorts of sleeve types: long and flowy, short and fitted, and everything in between. With this look, you can off a little bit of skin in a way that’s flattering on all body types.

high-low hems

High-Low Hems

Add some intrigue to the cut of your prom dress by choosing one with a high-low hem. Fun and shorter in the front, with a long, sweeping statement in the back rocks the asymmetrical look brought to you in dress form. Show a little leg while still keeping things formal with the extra length of the dress in the back. The right dress featuring a high-low hem is sure to have all attention on you as you make your entrance at prom. 

floral dress


Who says florals are best left to grandma attire? You really can never go wrong with a dress in a fun floral pattern that fits you well and suits your personality. Pick one that has flowers in your favorite colors and you are sure to feel flirty and feminine on prom night. Plus, floral patterns are available in every dress type imaginable. Whether your preferred style to wear is fitted, flowy, or structured, you can find the right one in a floral you love just as much as the cut of the dress itself. 

two piece dress

Two-Piece Sets

Why have one prom dress when you can have two? Well, technically not two prom dresses, but two pieces of a dress at least! We are seeing two-piece sets everywhere now in styles ranging from classy and chic to funky with flair. They provide a just-subtle-enough twist on the classic attire option of a dress for a special event. Show off a sliver of midriff while maintaining your put-together look for the noteworthy occasion that prom is.

high neck dress

High Necklines

We love that this trend both looks great and provides a more modest option for those who want one. Rock a high-cut tank or halter as the neckline of your prom dress and be sure to stand out in the crowd. Pick one with jewels or attention-grabbing detail to really perfect your ensemble and make the top portion of your dress pretty and interesting.

Check out designer websites, fashion magazines, and popular blogs to really get inspired for putting together your show-stopping look for prom. See how other people are sporting the latest trends and think of ways for you to do the same and add your own personal touch. You will be sure to feel confident as ever looking your absolute best and wearing the trend (or trends!) you like most.

Vivianne Sterling

Editorial Manager at Beautips. I love street style and I'm always in search of bits of inspiration around me. I also believe in home-made solutions for fitness, beauty tricks and healthy cooking.

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