What Is a Tankini Swimsuit?

The tankini is a swimsuit that combines a regular bikini and a tank-top (tank-top + bikini) and it is named after tank suits, one-piece bathing costumes of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools.
tankini beach

The main advantage of the tankini is that it combines the comfort of the bikinis with the beach elegance of one-piece swimsuits. It basically allows the body to minimize the sweat and to allow the body movements. Some of them cover the stomach area completely and some leave a gap that reveals the stomach – similar to a traditional bikini but with a much smaller area exposed.

[bctt tweet=”The main advantage of the #tankini is that it combines the comfort of the #bikini with the #beach #elegance of a one-piece #swimsuit. “]

Another great advantage is that you can easily pull up a pair of shorts or jeans and you’re good to go – very convenient!

Tankinis may have a built-in bra or bust support – is essential if you’re going active while wearing your bathing suit, like a beach sport or some other beach activities.

What is tankini swimwear?

One more thing: they’re great choice for children because of their versatility. Another advantage of the tankini for children is that you don’t have to remove their entire suit to use the bathroom. 

Where Can I Find Some Stylish Tankinis?

Well, I’ve searched the Amazon for you, and I’ve picked some hot sellers that I like:

JomeDesign Two Piece Push-Up Printed Tankini 

I really like the blue-gray version.

Holipick Polka Dot Printed Tankini Set

The basic black and white can go a long way with a pair of jeans

Holipick Backless High Neck Floral Printed Top Tankini Set

Zando Floral Tankini With Tummy Control

Dokotoo Stripes Lined-Up Tankini

Great for athletes.

Happy Sailed Push Up Padded Printed Sporty Tankini

Pretty elegant, looks great with a pair of jeans and higher shoes

Bonus: MiYang Maternity Tankini Set Beach Swimwear

Basically, tankinis are a great asset in your swimsuit collection for this summer.

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