Important Things to Know About Your First Tattoo

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Tattoo is one old way to hip you body. We are here to teach you how to get the finest tattoo, how to look after it and how to be proud when you will wear it. A tattoo is like a sexy dress you never undress. It is like the daily lingerie that suits you so good and makes you feel sexy when you are almost naked.

Tattooing was a tradition among indigenous peoples around the world. Tattoos may show how a person feels about a relative (commonly mother/father or daughter/son) or about an unrelated person. A memorial tattoo of a deceased loved person, with marking one’s initials. Today, people choose to be tattooed for cosmetic, sentimental/memorial, religious, and magical reasons, and to symbolize their belonging to or identification with particular groups, including criminal gangs but also a particular ethnic group or law-abiding subculture.

Well, after all, this is a beauty tips site, so we shall discuss about the cosmetic tattoos. And here I will include the permanent makeup and also the beautiful sexy tattoos that represent certain things and we choose to place them on our neck, back, hands, buttocks, or wherever. When used as a form of cosmetics, tattooing includes permanent makeup and hiding or neutralizing skin discolorations. Permanent make-up is the use of tattoos to enhance eyebrows, lips (liner and/or lipstick), eyes, and even moles, usually with natural colors as the designs are intended to resemble make-up.

Ho to Get the Tattoo That Fits You Best?

Well, first step is done: you know that you want a tattoo. Do you know the exact shape? Design? Dimensions? If you don’t, let me tell you that this is the first step you need to consider when tacking a tattoo. Never forget that tattooing is a thing that hardly comes off. You need to be sure sure sure! When you’ll do it and you need to choose carefully its model.

Regarding design, you have to choose the picture that you really love, the thing that really represents you, the model that makes you feel unique and special. My advice is to create your own design. If you have little imagination, you can ask for professional help. Maybe, indeed, watching thousands of pictures with different designs and shapes for tattoos will help you decide quicker, but the most important thing to remember is that tattooing is a body art, is the thing that will make you feel sexy every single morning!

How to Get From “dream” to “act”

[singlepic id=868 h=200 float=left]Ok, so, steps one and two are ready… I mean, you are absolutely sure you want this tattoo done, and you have the perfect design. Now?! What about the direction and the size? You have to figure out the exact place to put it. There are several things you need to consider: first of all, how much are you ready to expose from your tattoo? If you want a big tattoo, placed on your back, are you ready to hear all the “noise” behind you when people start talking about it? Does your job allow you to show off a big glamorous tattoo? Is your husband/ boyfriend ok with the idea of getting a tattoo? Are you ok with the idea that that tattoo won’t look the same once you will be 50-60 years old? You have to consider these things before choosing the dimension of your future body art. It is not uncommon for a person to wish they had gotten their tattoo a bit bigger, smaller or a little to the left or the right. Before you get close to the needle, take a “mirror” test. Draw the sketch and watch it in the mirror. Is it well done? Is it too big? Too small? Is it ok?! Great, now move on to the next step!

Next step is quite easy to follow: find a great artist, well, I recommend that you follow recommendations. Make an appointment, and if you want to talk to him/her first, take a trip to its saloon and talk to him/her before deciding on a certain model. And here it is the appointment date! Get ready, sit back and relax. It will hurt a little bit, you have to know that if you choose to tattoo places near or over bones, well… that is quite painful. If you sit still and cooperate with your tattooist, you will be proud to know you did your part to make your tattoo come out perfect!

Ok, what’s done it’s done! Now the healing process begins. No tattoo is finished until the healing is complete. Your tattoo will take close to a month before it is completely healed. During the first stage of healing (approximately 4 to 5 days), you might experience soreness, discomfort, swelling, irritation and redness. During this time, it’s important to keep your tattoo clean. Most tattoo artists will agree that you should wash your new tattoo at least 4 or 5 times a day with a mild or antibacterial soap.

As you probably already know, most of today’s sexiest celebrities women have tattoos. I extracted some pictures from the internet that may inspire you. But I recommend searching the internet for specific tattoo models, like: tribal, flower tattoos, butterflies, angel wings, fairy tattoo or maybe a calligraphic writing.

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