The Most Popular Necklace Trends of 2022

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Women and accessories go hand in hand. With changing trends every year the necklaces have also evolved from basic engraved traditional designs to modern art now. So now it’s high time for you to get playful with your jewellery this year. Just check out the trending necklaces for the year 2022.

1.    Painted Pearl Necklace:

Pearl necklaces have always been timeless jewellery piece that suit every occasion. These necklaces add up to your elegance and class but what if you wanna look sassy chic. Pearls this year have been customised to give you a dope look. Billie Eilish to Dua Lipa, everyone is going gaga over the newly painted pearl necklace. The small detailing on this beautiful necklace is sure gonna grab everybody’s attention. Isn’t it a great combo of sass and elegance? 

2.    Two-Tone Geometric Link Collar Necklace:

Two-tone jewellery is not everyone’s cup of tea. The basic old school designs may not have that appeal, but the latest geometric link necklaces are something else. The combination of modern and traditional is quite interesting. This collar necklace in gold and platinum shades will accentuate your all-black look. You can wear it up with your casual tees and monotone dresses. It’s a showstopper.

3.    Engraved Oval Pendant Necklace:

Engraved oval pendants have been in our cultures for centuries. These engraving techniques have been used for engraving rings, pendants, earrings. The engraved pendants are here in trend with a bang again. Engravings can be customised as per desires or you can go for basic designs like butterflies, flowers, artsy designs, your initials or something related to your specific favourite memories. Engraved pendants are available in sterling silver, platinum, gold. The oval shape is specifically getting more hype than any other shape right now. So don’t lag and catch up with the trend now.

4.    18-Karat Gold Diamond Necklace:

Love for diamonds is never-ending. These valuable stones never go out of trend. The designing and detailing may get a new version, but the elegance will stay the same. 18ct gold with diamonds is quite an expensive investment, but it’s an asset for a lifetime. You can opt for the traditional ones or go for the modern art designs. Diamond jewellery has a vast range based on your budget and choices. As you make up your mind about purchasing a gold diamond necklace, always make sure you choose the design that goes with your body type. Oversized necklaces look a bit gaudy. A simple classy design is enough to level up your look.

5.    Butterfly Collar Necklace: 

Collar necklaces are back in trend for a while now. Teens and young adults seem to like it a lot. Butterflies specifically add up a  style statement to these collar necklaces. The symbol of care, love and tenderness all lies in this cute necklace. These necklaces resonate with the child and sweetness inside you. These bring back the memories from your childhood days. Back then you must have tried those plastic neck bands with floral, butterflies and alphabets charms. You can consider this an expensive version of your childhood accessories. You can buy the butterfly necklace embellished with valuable gemstones according to your zodiac signs too.

6.    Chain Link Y-Necklace:

Yet another superb necklace in chain links. These modern designs look appealing with every professional attire and go-to dress. The long drop in the middle is the attention seeker. It looks classy with your deep v neck tops and dresses. Chain links have different shapes and sizes. You can choose the metal and colour that suits your style and clothes the most. You can style this necklace with the same design earrings or bracelet. 

7.    Diamond Riviere Necklace Set in Yellow Gold:

As we said, diamonds are forever. You can never say no to a diamond necklace. Whether it be a choker set, a long chain necklace with diamonds or a Riviere necklace. This French origin diamond necklace is designed in a river flow setting. At a first glance, you will feel the diamonds flowing like a wave of water. You can customise the Riviere necklace based on the diamond-like European cut, old cut, brilliant cut, round cut. There are several versions of this diamond set. Most people prefer diamonds in white gold or platinum but go for the yellow gold Riviere set for its unique lustre. It looks more authentic and brings out the details.

8.    18-Karat White, Yellow & Rose Gold Multi-Stone Choker Necklace:

Choker sets are loved by Asian women. These necklaces have a variety of details and a scope of design. The embellished choker sets are much more in demand than a plain metal set. The stones add lustre and drama to the jewellery. It suits well with all your traditional outfits. Most women like investing more in metal as it holds more value than gemstones, the rest depends on individual preferences too. While looking for a choker set, you must lookout for the ones in white, rose or yellow gold. 18ct gold is expensive but its colour variants have different costs. Before your next jewellery purchase, do try these colourful necklaces.

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