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Healthy lifestyle and sport concepts. Woman in fashionable sportswear is doing exercise.

Other inspiration has also been taken from tennis, hockey, baseball, dance and even scuba diving.

The new sporty trends that have hit the runways this season take on four personas. These trends are styled in the shape of ‘the tomboy’, ‘the action girl’,’ the sporty flapper’ and ‘the urban dancer’.

The ‘tomboy’ trend mixes pretty with a touch of attitude.  Designers have created collections that ooze both youth and coolness in garments that still appear sexy.  Garments include low-rise trousers with visible under-layer waistbands, jersey fabrics, and leather cross lacing as well as football style shoulders. These items are worn in sheer fabrics with super high-heeled women’s shoes to add that extra sexy and feminine edge.

The sporty flapper look is inspired from both golf and tennis attire and appears athletic and boyish as well as derisive and seductive.  The 2010 catwalks showcased preppy trends with a 1920s edge, combining drop wasted pleated skirts with classic sports stripes and colours.

The urban dancer look is a low key eighties style with an added feminine edge, but also a tough twist. Designs on this seasons catwalk included clothes in soft pink and creams, slouchy sweatpants, stonewashed all in one suits, satin skinny trousers and long length hoodies in sheer materials.  All of these looks can be accessorized with braided sweatbands. A lot of these looks took inspiration from diving and scuba wear.

This time around sporty has become glamorous but still under stated.  This style can be worn with messy long-length tousled locks, high yet sporty heels, sport socks and leg-warmers in sheer fabrics, hot pants and cropped t-shirts, cross-lacing like that found in baseball gloves and laces, shoulder pads, mesh materials and elegant longer length pleated tunics.

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