How to Build a Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

We usually say that there is no bad time and that the weather must be an ally, but when it comes to a lady's wardrobe, this is not as simple as it sounds. All of us know how important it is to look modern and stylish all the time, in any season, and to pay more attention to the autumn-winter wardrobe.

Since the clothes are chosen considering their comfort and thermal effect as well as how stylish they are, you have to plan carefully, for example, concentrating on shopping for the perfect women’s rain mac to stay dry this Autumn.

We should be familiar with the fashion trends for each season (or at least to have a basic idea of them), and most importantly, get information in advance to give us some time to organize a wardrobe and know what shopping or which adjustments are necessary. Shopping is certainly our favorite “sport” and let’s admit that we can spend hours looking for those pieces that are perfect in terms of personal style or trends. Let’s take a look at the must-have clothing and the cold season trends for this year, and then let’s go shopping, girls – we have a whole stylish autumn wardrobe to build!

The Colours

Denim is still on trend and returns to its original indigo blue color. You can wear it with a beret and a stiletto with black silk, or if you want a more sporty look, you can wear large pants and shirts or assorted jackets. Red is also on the wave, as bold red tones were found in the autumn-winter collections of major fashion houses.

The Influences

Androgynous influences continue to appear through the fall of 2017, mixing feminine and masculine styles. Men’s clothing will keep us warm and stylish during the colder seasons, as will large jackets, velvet trousers, and pants with interesting cuts and minimal colour palettes. Folk patterns returned to the catwalk, especially on the American ones, with fashion designers paying tribute to North American traditions.

Vintage Trends

The clothing of the 80’s is back in fashion! Even the overalls make a comeback, with designers urging us to wear them with t-shirts and style with ankle boots.This season is also about wearing mini or midi skirts, transparent garments and vintage clothing! Dresses in silk, taffeta and organza with shades of red, lemon yellow, orange and mango are sure to brighten up your Autumn wardrobe.


Raincoats will be the star of casual wear in autumn 2017. Even if you choose an oversized raincoat with marked waist, straight cut, or with square shoulders, this will be a must-have of this season whatever the style. A less common trend for the autumn-winter season 2017-2018 is plastic and nylon clothing in vibrant colors. You will be protected from rain, and you can style your garments with some faux fur to enjoy a stylized look.

Warmth and Comfort

For the next 6 months, you can always turn to that thick and cosy piece of knitwear that you keep hidden in the closet. Style knits with midi skirts, or just a pair of boyfriend jeans and boots for a laid-back look. Nylon, denim, quilted or parka – whatever you choose, make sure that your autumn jacket is warm and comfortable enough to last you all season. Style is a priority, but so is practicality, and oversized jackets can ensure you will stay dry and stylish.

These are the newest trends, but don’t forget to combine them with your own style. And just a last tip, don’t let the cold and rainy weather make you forget that you can be stylish, comfortable and dry all year round! Have you started shopping for your Autumn wardrobe?

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