A Complete Guide to Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Before buying and using cold fusion hair extensions you must have complete knowledge about these extensions. Below guide will give all the necessary details about cold fusion hair extensions.
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Women and girls want to have long shiny thick hair. Everyday hair styling affects the quality and quantity of hair. They not only tend to be rough and dull but they also become thin. So what’s the solution? For sure it is hair extensions. 

If you search out the market you will come to know that there are unlimited types of hair extensions. Choosing the best hair extension for a girl is quite difficult. So, to clear this confusion, I must tell you that cold fusion hair extensions areone of the best typesof hair extensions that is available in the market. 

At this point, you will be wondering that why cold fusion hair extensions? Firstly, it does not use any heat or glue for applying or attaching it with your natural hair. Secondly, the usage of cold fusion hair extensions will not damage your natural hair. 

But before buying and using cold fusion hair extensions you must have complete knowledge about these extensions. Below guide will give all the necessary details about cold fusion hair extensions.

Washing of Cold Fusion Hair Extensions: 

Washing process of this type of hair extension is simple and easy but need to be followed the way to avoid any damage of natural hair. Firstly, use a shampoo or conditioner recommended by the hairstylist or according to the manual of hair extensions. Don’t use the everyday shampoo we use for natural hair. 

Secondly, wash the extensions with soft hands and atslow speed. The direction of the hands must befrom top to down. And apply shampoo gently with your hands from top to down. After that apply conditioner in the same direction with slow motion. Don’t wash extensions hardly as it will damage your natural hair.

Sleeping With Cold Fusion Hair Extensions:

The most important factor to consider while using cold fusion is howto keep them safe while sleeping. Most of the people ignore this step but it is the most important step that must be considered. 

Firstly, never sleep with wet extensions as it will tangle and will mix up with your natural hair. Moreover, it will not only damage your natural hair but will also damage the hair extensions.  

Secondly, to avoid tangling while sleeping, it is recommended to make a ponytail. Moreover, use a soft pillow. So, that you will have a shiny and good quality hair extensions in the morning after a tight sleep. 

Brushing Cold Fusion Extensions:

Brushing cold fusion hair extensions also need proper steps to be followed to avoid any damage. For brushing, use the nylon extension brush or a Looper brush. The usage of soft brushes will detangle the extensions easily without damaging them. 

However, it is recommended to divide the hair extensions into two parts. First brush the one part softly with slow motion and then brush the second half of extensions. 

Dying Cold Fusion Hair Extensions:

Another great benefit of using cold fusion extensions is that you can dye them to your favorite color whenever you want. Truly speaking it not happens with all the cold fusion hair extensions. So, if you want to dye them later check at the time of buying that dying will not damage its quality. 

As some extensions can be dyed to darker colors while dying some cold fusion hair extensions will damage them. Therefore, before dying check that the dye will not damage your extensions. 

Styling With Cold Fusion Extensions:

Cold fusion extensions allowthe girls to make different quick and speedy hairstyles. But while styling with cold fusion extensions make sure that the styles donot tangle the extensions. Because tangling of extensions will damage their quality. 

Similarly,you can curl and straight the cold fusion extensions. But don’t heat too much as heating can damage the extensions. Therefore, check that the hair extensions you have bought can bear heat or not. If yes thencheck the degrees to which you can heat them. 

Maintenance of Cold Fusion Extensions:

Maintenance of hair extensions is as important as that of natural hair. Because hair extensions aremade of natural hair, so they also need regular maintenance. For this, go to the hairdresser and ask her to guide you about regularlymaintain terms. But at home do the following steps to maintain them:

  • Trim the extensions after approximately 3 weeks
  • Use the special conditioner and shampoo for extensions
  • Read the guidelines of the extensions carefully and then maintain it according to the guidelines
  • Don’t beor brush your cold fusion hair extensions hardly
  • Before dying or heating your extensions make sure that it will not damage them

Truly speaking every extensionhas different maintenance procedure. As some extensions losetheir quality and become rough with heating. While some extensions remain the sameand serve the same high quality even after heating and curling. 

Similarly, some hair extensions can be dyed to any color while some can be dyed to only darker colors. On the other hand, it is not recommended to dye some cold fusion hair extensions as they will be damaged after dying. So, it’s better to read the guidelines that come with your hair extensions or take the assistance of your hairdresser.

In short, cold fusion extensions is the best quality hair extensions that you can use. It is the only solution to all the hair problems like thin hair, short hair, rough and dull hair. But before using the cold fusion hair extensions, you must do properresearch that how to maintain their quality. Following the above steps will help you to use your extensions for a long time without any damage to the extensions.

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