7 Iconic Retro and Vintage Hairstyles

Iconic retro and vintage hairstyles carry a stylish look that still holds substantial charm and value.


Haircare Tips for Your Holiday of a Lifetime

To make the most of your holiday while limiting the damage to your hair, try these top tips for holiday hair care.

3 Hair Styling Tools for Your Trip

3 Hair Styling Tools for Your Trip

Whether it is to look well before going on a romantic dinner in the beach, or just to be ready for unexpected situations – the following tools won’t disappoint you.

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A Complete Guide to Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Before buying and using cold fusion hair extensions you must have complete knowledge about these extensions. Below guide will give all the necessary details about cold fusion hair extensions.


5 Types of Weaves: Which One Is Right for You?

There are many factors to consider before getting a weave, including, but not limited to, the ease of installation and maintenance, and the length, color, and texture of the hair. You also have to keep in mind how you want to style your hair, as some types of weaves offer more styling versatility than others.

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The Best New Hair Tools of 2018

Trying to keep up with the latest hair trends?

How to Backcomb Without Damaging Your Natural Hair

How to Backcomb Without Damaging Your Natural Hair

Are you bored of your regular hairstyle? Does your daily hairstyle look a little flat? Then how about giving your hair a new style with just simple backcombing!

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What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

Did you know there is a direct link between your hairstyle and personality? As your clothes define your fashion style, your hairstyle can express a lot about who you are.

Hairstyle Trends 2016

10 Hairstyle Trends in 2016

The main trends in hairstyles in 2016 were observed at the International Exhibition in London, the largest event dedicated to professional stylists. We compiled 10 trends in hairstyles that we will probably see everywhere. Be inspired!

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Miracle Tips for Faster Growing Hair

Find out what to do when you want to get that long hair back! Or if you just one to learn how to make it grow faster. Miracle tips for faster growing hair.