Expert Tips to Make Your Hair Look Stylish After the Forties

Stepping into the forties may not be the most amazing thing for a woman. You may fear that pre-menopause could be just around the corner
Five female colleagues at a work meeting smiling to camera
Five female colleagues at a work meeting smiling to camera

Moreover, there are apprehensions related to greying hair, sagging skin and piling pounds as well. But believe it or not, you can look and feel beautiful even in your forties if you take the right approach. 

When it comes to hair care at this point in time, you need to go the extra mile for pampering them. This is the time when you are likely to face myriad hair issues, from greying to hair loss to dryness and change in texture. The key to keeping them looking stylish lies in investing in their health. Here are some expert tips to make your tresses look stylish and beautiful even as you step into the forties. 

Steer Clear of the Daily Wash Habit

You may have been shampooing your tresses daily during your twenties and thirties but now is the time to ditch the habit. As you grow older, there are hormonal changes that leave your scalp and locks drier. Shampooing it daily can leave your mane looking dull and lifeless. Follow twice a week routine because you need to keep them clean and oil-free. A mild, sulfate-free shampoo is a good choice as it is easy on the tresses.

Moisturize and Condition Regularly

If you have been avoiding the conditioner to keep away that oily look, think again. With aging, your hair tends to get coarser because they are deprived of natural oils. Also, they bear the brunt of dyeing and coloring because most women start using them to cover the greys. Ensure that you follow the routine of moisturizing and conditioning on a regular basis. Don’t skimp on weekly oiling and use a conditioner every time you shampoo.

Choose the Right Hairstyle 

Women often assume that cutting their tresses short is the only choice they have when they hit forty. However, there are many more options you can try. Experts from a leading hair stylist school suggests that older women should rather experiment without inhibitions. You can wear it long or mid-length without worrying about the short-length rule. Seek advice from your stylist because they will consider factors like your facial shape, texture, color, and thickness to recommend something perfect for you. 

Layering Looks Good

Your stylist will have all the good advice for you when it comes to deciding what really works once you are in the forties. You will notice that your face looks different as you grow older and layered cuts make a good idea for flattering your face. Discuss the idea of layering with your stylist. They will probably recommend face-framing layers that touch your cheekbones and jaw and highlight your bone structure.

Embrace Your Greys 

Obviously, greys are something that older women detest and make every effort to hide. This is something you should avoid; rather embrace your greys because they are trending. In fact, you may even find women who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get a perfect shade of grey. So go ahead and love the shade you are blessed with naturally! And if you are still not comfortable, you can ask your stylist to give you a stunning makeover with a hair coloring session.

Keep the Heating Tools Away

You may have used flat ironing or hot curls for decades but the best advice in your forties is to pack away your heating tools for good. Older hair is drier and becomes prone to breakage, which means that they need extra care and precaution against extreme temperatures. Using hot treatments can aggravate hair fall and you may end up with bald patches sooner rather than later. Try wearing the natural look rather than using heat treatment for perfect straight or curled styles.

Pay Attention to Sun Damage

While the heat from styling tools can be bad for aging locks, you need to be extra careful about protecting them from sun damage as well. You will notice that your hair gets frizzy after continuous exposure to the sun and hot winds. Just like you have to be stringent about using sunscreen at this age, investing in sun-protection products for your tresses is equally important.  Cover your head with a sun hat or bandana or carry an umbrella every time you step out in the harsh sunlight. 

Eat for Healthy Hair

A healthy diet definitely slows the effects of aging and it shows on your skin and hair as well. Increase your protein intake and have plenty of anti-oxidant rich foods too. Load on the right supplements if you think that your diet is not giving you enough of them. Drinking a lot of water is important to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Ditch bad habits such as smoking and alcohol because they do show up as hair problems sooner or later. 

Treat your tresses well after shampooing because rubbing them can cause frizz and breakage. Keeping stress at bay is equally important if you want to retain the luster of your crowning glory for years and years to come. 

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