Getting a Botox Lash Lift

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Lash Botox treatment strengthens the eyelashes, providing a black, long, and strong feature. This treatment procedure comes in three phases – lifting, dyeing, and Botox application. During the first stage, the eyelashes are curled (optional) and extended before dyed black to produce an aesthetic effect, which is the second phase. Once done, the eyelash Botox is prepared for application. This treatment procedure comprises active ingredients that rejuvenate the eyelashes. They include keratin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol (provitamin B5), and argan oil. By applying this procedure, the individual will have dark, nourished, and rejuvenated eyelashes that can remain intact for up to two months.

Lash Botox is a time-saving procedure that does not hinder the individual from engaging in other activities. Women who undergo this treatment can wear contact lenses, use a wide range of cosmetics, have their baths, swim in the pool or other water bodies, use water treatments, and even take on any sleeping position. Botox lash lift adds volume to one’s eyelashes.

What Makes Lash Lifts Ideal?

With a lash lift procedure, women do not need to use an eyelash curler. This treatment option enhances lashes by curling them. However, the individual involved must have an eyelash measurement of 4 millimetres (at minimum) to access this service. Lash lifts do not add texture, contour, shape, dimension, or colour to the lashes, unlike lash extensions. When undergoing this procedure, the technician starts from the eyelash base and work all the way up to the tip to assess its total length. The lab expert can either use different rod sizes to get the desired curl. It is worth noting that bigger rods create softer curls during lash Botox treatment.

Applying Lash Botox Treatment

Few weeks to the treatment session, it is essential to use condition serums on the eyelashes to keep them healthy. There should be no application of any makeup. Botox lash lift is done by attaching a curved plastic rod to the eyelid using a unique adhesive and gluing the lashes around the rod. The first and second solution is left to settle for ten minutes before wiping them off and removing the lashes from the rod. During this procedure, the client’s eyes must be shut to prevent the solution from coming in contact with the eyes, leading to a reaction. Once the treatment is complete, ensure that the lashes look perky at all times.

How to Get the Best Treatment Result

Some individuals may be concerned about ruining their eyelashes with lash Botox treatment. This procedure will not hurt if a highly skilled and certified technician is involved. Additionally, there should be an interval of six weeks before the next service. On the other hand, if the technician has insufficient skills in performing this treatment, issues may arise.

The rookie technician may use the incorrect rod for lash Botox treatment or leave it on for an extended period, leading toover-processing. There is also the risk of ocular exposure to the Botox glue and other chemical used in such procedures. Some individuals are more sensitive to these cosmetics than others. The chemicals in the product can cause severe reactions that may result in burning, irritation, and blisters.

Persons who intend to undergo lash Botox treatment must find a technician willing to discuss the above-discussed problem – one who will put the individual’s safety first and map out a safe and effective procedure for the treatment.

Lasting Duration of a Botox Lash Lift

Ideally, a lash Botox treatment should produce the desired result that lasts between six to eight weeks. This timeframe depends on how the individual takes care of these lashes, including avoiding products that may affect the treatment effect. When maintaining a lash lift, it is advised that one stays away from oil-based makeup that may react with the treatment solution, making it difficult for the lashes to stay in place. Additionally, avoid waterproof mascara, as it may require oil-based products to remove, which will, in turn, affect the treatment.

Another point worth noting is that individuals who undergo a Botox lash lift are to avoid their lashes coming in contact with water for 24 to 48 hours. Water interferes with the treatment solution, thereby affecting their curls. As a result, they have to keep their eyelashes dry for about a day or two.

How Much Do Botox Lash Lifts Costs?

A standard lash Botox treatment can cost anywhere between $60 and $200, or even more, depending on the technician handling the procedure. Over time, these treatments can cost a fortune when summed up. Some salons may combine lash lifts with lash tint and several products to improve the results, which increases the overall price.

Are Botox Lash Lifts Painful?

Most women who undergo lash lifts testify that they enjoyed a soothing experience with less or no discomfort. The technician will assess a person’s sensitivity to the treatment program before proceeding to the next phase. For people with skin sensitivity, the lash expert will place two silicon pads on the lower lash line to prevent the lashes from coming in contact with the solution or curling upwards. At most, one may experience discomfort that lasts a few seconds.

The remaining part of the procedure is straightforward and relaxing. Due to this experience, most people fall asleep during Botox lash lifts.

What to Do if Not Satisfied With the Treatment Procedure

For some reason, a few people may be unsatisfied with a Botox lash lift, resulting in one getting a refund or requesting extra touches.

  • Over curled Lashes

After a lash lift, the lashes may look too curled up for one’s expectation. This outcome does not pose any danger to the individual and can be fixed easily. However, if the lash expert cannot address the problem, it is best to request a refund and find another reputable salon. If that does not proffer any solution, then wait for about six weeks for the natural lashes to regain their initial form before going for another lash Botox treatment.

  • Under curled Lashes

With this outcome, an individual’s lashes may not attain the right curl. As such, it is essential to either fix it at the salon or choose another one.

  • Messed Up Lashes

Once completed, an individual may mess up the treatment by mistake, which may require a correction. If the mess is minor, the technician can re-touch the lashes in no time; otherwise, there may be a need for a new lash Botox treatment.

So, get your lashes a good care!

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