Beauty Tip: 7 Completely Useless Cosmetics

We are tempted to give a lot of money on cosmetics, but some are completely useless, as claimed by dermatologists.
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Are you tempted to buy a lot of cosmetics that promise to do miracles for your hair or skin? You have to carefully select these products and know some things that help you make the right choice. Here is my beauty tip for today: according to dermatologists, many of these cosmetics can be totally useless and you end up just paying a high price for them without getting any tangible results. A lot of times it’s about promoting that product that promises miracles, but when you use it you can not see any change!

Here Are 7 Completely Unnecessary Cosmetics That Are Not Worth the Money:

1. Products for Split Hair Peaks

There is no cure for split ends and no product will give you the results you expect, warn experts. Serums and conditioners only provide an immediate, not lasting effect, so that trimming split ends is the only option.

2. Tonic Lotions

According to specialists, tonic lotions are considered useful precisely because we use cosmetics that are inappropriate for our skin type. In fact, it seems that gentle soaps designed for skin cleansing are more useful than tonic lotions because they do not contain alcohol, have a neutral pH and do not dry the skin.

3. Common Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

When sebaceous glands do not work well, it may cause dandruff. An ordinary shampoo in the supermarket will not get rid of dandruff, but it will dry even more of the scalp because it contains aggressive substances. Instead, a pharmacy shampoo recommended by a dermatologist and specially formulated with certain antifungal agents can help you get rid of the problem.

4. Creams for Hands, Feet and Body

Completely useless habit is to buy creams designed for specific areas of the body. They’re just marketing strategies to make you buy a lot of creams, but often a good cream can be used for the whole body. Basically, most lotions and creams are based on the same ingredients, then rely on certain miracle compounds, but you can use them both to hydrate your hands, feet and the whole body.

5. the Facial Paper Mask

They provide an immediate moisturizing effect and are useful when you are preparing for a special event. But the same effect you get if you exfoliate and hydrate your skin very well with a moisturizing cream or cold pressed coconut oil.

6. Anti-Cellulite Creams

They will not do wonders for your feet unless you take care of food and do not do sports. In addition to anti-cellulite creams, anti-cellulite massages, packings, exfoliations that stimulate blood circulation and other therapies specifically designed for this problem will yield much better results.

7. Cuticle Oils

You notice an immediate effect, but once absorbed, the cuticles start to look dry again. That’s why the cuticle oils not worth the money, but using cosmetic grease or natural oils that will moisturize cuticles.


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