How Often Should You Use Toner on Your Face?

You might have come across several times about the benefits of using a toner on your face. A toner surely tightens your facial pores resulting in a smooth skin. But have you ever tried to know how often should you use toner on your face? If you have any such queries then roll your eyes in the down to know the ideal usage of a toner.

Significance of Using a Toner

Our regular schedules bound us to bear with the harmful pollution. As a result our skin becomes victim of this pollution and causes facial infection or irritation. When the facial pores enlarge in size it allows more dirt, toxins and oil to enter the skin which causes skin infirmity. But it is not needed to hurry up to a Dermatology Clinic and have a check-up right away. Using a facial toner helps in getting rid of these issues to some extent. The most leading brand in producing the best toner for your skin is Biotique. The brand offers numerous toners with different specialities. One of the best biotique toner for dry skin types is Bio Honey Water. It aids in tightening your facial pores and allows very less amount of toxins and oil to settle into your skin. Furthermore, the toner also helps in preventing acne and results in a cleaner, fresher and oil-free appearance.

Biotique toner

How Often Should You Use Toner on Your Face?

Regardless of any skin type, you should use toner daily. Toners are available for every skin type, so you can add toner in your daily skincare regimen. It makes your skin look radiant and you will feel a sense of refreshment the whole day.

Toner also helps in maintaining and balancing the pH or potential hydrogen level of your skin. Along with detoxifying your skin, toner aids in providing nourishment and hydration into your skin. The versatile feature of a toner also helps in using it on the other parts of a body such as in chest, on your back, arms etc. where acne tends to occur.

As mentioned above, a toner must be used regularly to get the best result. It must be added in the skincare regimen and should be used without any skip. A toner is required to use right after cleansing your face. Using toner right after you cleanse your face helps in soothing the skin. It is a universal fact and also suggested by the experts that you should clean you face regularly by following three steps: cleansing, toning and then moisturising it. Implementing the procedure once daily is enough but if you want to get the best result then use it once in the morning and once in the night time.

How Toner Helps in Different Skin Types?

Toner is useful for every skin type. It helps in curing the different infections of each skin type. Cited below are some of the beneficial facts of a toner for different skin types:

  • Oily or acne-prone skin

A toner helps your skin to get rid of the excess oil produced in the skin which may lead to form acne. In this case a toner consisting of astringent and little amount of alcohol is best to use. Apart from removing unnecessary oil from your skin the astringent also helps in restoring and balancing the pH level of your skin.

  • Dry or wrinkled skin

If you are on a stage where your skin started drying up or showing signs of ageing then you must immediately start using toner religiously. An alcohol-free toner with ingredients such as lactic acid and oil is best for this skin type. Using an alcohol-based toner can severely damage your skin causing to more dryness.

So, a Good Toner Helps in Changing the Dry Texture of the Skin

The duration of the positive effect of a toner also depends on the type of skin. As a result, the skin condition becomes better and it is less prone to breakouts.

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