3 Natural Cures for Treating the Eye’s Dark-Rings

Happy woman covering her eye with cucumber

Dark circles – the first sign of fatigue, which can be installed for … ever! Do not despair and do not try to cover them forever, there are solutions! Dark circles appear generally around 25 -35 years and are supported by the phenomenon of “skin dropping” around 30-40 years!

But there are solutions to the problem of dark circles: we have 3 natural cures for dark circles, with just a few gestures; you can alleviate dark circles in just a few hours! Here are some types of natural cures that you can do yourself at home. Simply choose the most suitable one!

Recovery Of… Slices of Cucumber!

Rich in content of vitamin K, cucumber is very beneficial for activating blood circulation. It is the ideal ally to reduce dark circles!

Cut two slices of cucumber and let them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Then apply them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes. For best results, repeat the operation whenever you want!

Gymnastics Anti-Dark-Rings!

So, we have relaxation exercises designer for our body, so, why shouldn’t we have some exercises meant to relax our eyes?! All you have to do is to massage the area around your eyes early in the morning, at noon and late at nights, because the blood circulation and lymphatic system will be activated and the dark circles will, diminish. Thus, your eyes will seem much more rested!

Apply loose, smoothing massage movements on the eye contour area (three times), below and above the eyelids, starting from the nose, following the contour of the eyebrows, to the temples! This is recommended daily whenever necessary!

A Pang Of… Ice!

Compresses with ice cubes! Another effective method to reduce dark circles. Cold reactivates bloodstream in the eye contour area, and consequently “cures” dark circles. The effect is immediate, but takes no longer than 20 minutes. So you can do it even before you leave for an appointment! Put an ice cube in a glove and apply it for 10 minutes.

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