Are All Organix Shampoos Sulfate Free?

If you use cosmetics that have harmful chemicals, it is going to cause a negative impact on health. To live a clean and green life, you should opt for natural and non-toxic options.
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Many people might think as to what is the difference between organic and non-organic shampoo. In the 1990s, making natural shampoos was harder let alone organic. Later on with much research and development, organic shampoo was introduced. Organic shampoo is gentle on your skin and produces a better result. 

Choosing organic shampoo is the best place you can start with. It is marginally more expensive than the other brands. This will offer you relief from the toxic shampoos and the scalp needs to be revived. 

What Are Sulfates and Why Avoid It?

Sulfates make a shampoo sudsy. These are the kind of surfactant which avoids oil, as well as water. Sulfates remove dead skin cells and grime from the scalp and skin and rinse it away with water. 

However, the adverse effect is that it will also remove natural oils from the hair and scalp. In case you have a sensitive scalp, sulfates can lead to irritation such as dryness, itching, and redness. This is how it has developed a bad reputation. The most commonly used sulfate compound in the beauty industry is ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Each of them has a different intensity but have a similar irritating effect on the skin. 

Using Organic Shampoo Like Organix

The quality of the ingredient is the main difference between conventional and organic hair products. Organic products are known to infuse the skin cells and the hair follicles with herbal extracts, minerals, and oils. Tea tree oil and other natural ingredients will help take care of skin conditions like scalp irritation and dandruff. Another ingredient called beta-glucan will help in soothing irritation in the scalp. 

In case you are looking for a shampoo which stimulates healthy hair, you should look for an organic product which contains coconut oil and aloe vera. This is because these serve as a natural moisturizer. If you have to improve your shine, you should opt for organic shea butter. 

Using organic shampoos mean you help to keep your environment non-toxic as biodegradable elements go down the drain rather than harsh chemicals. 

An example of such sulfate free shampoo is OGX shampoo. The best OGX shampoo doesn’t contain paraben or sulfate. Organic shampoos are made from biotin, Moroccan Argan oil, collagen, tea tree oil, lemon extract, coconut oil, Brazilian keratin, and much more. 

How Can Organix Shampoo Be Beneficial for You?

It’s high time you invest in a natural shampoo. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy by using it. 

  • Doesn’t Strip Hair of Moisture

A conventional shampoo will remove all the oil and dirt but is also going to wipe out the moisture in the hair strands. Thus, the hair appears dry and brittle. Using conditioner will restore moisture to your hair to a certain extent. However, with Organix shampoo, there is no need to worry about the scalp drying out when you shampoo too often. 

  • Do Not Contain Chemicals

A majority of the shampoo that you will come across in the market have harsh chemicals which can lead to some serious side effects. Apart from causing damage to your hair and scalp, it leads to itchy skin and eyes. In fact, if inhaled, it might also cause health issues. Hence, it is better to look for an herbal shampoo which doesn’t contain sulfate. In Organix, there is no harsh chemical which can cause havoc to your hair. Before you buy any hair product, make sure that you read the label. 

  • Doesn’t Disturb pH Balance

You should know your hair has a certain amount of acid. This is known as pH balance which is important for having healthy hair. Organix shampoo doesn’t interfere with this natural alkaline level. Conventional shampoos can disturb this balance and damage your hair strands. 

  • Natural is Always Safer

Organix does not contain harsh chemicals. Hence, it is not going to cause any kind of allergies, irritation, or adverse effect. With these shampoos, you will be able to enjoy healthier and also faster growth in your hair. It infuses natural oil in your hair and is suitable for all skin type. 

  • Solves Various Hair Problems

Even though it might not be able to deal with each and every problem that you face with your hair, you will see that it has the ideal ingredients that you need in order to get clean and nice hair. It also improves the overall condition of your hair and scalp as mentioned before. You cannot get the same advantages from the usual shampoo because of the additives and chemicals that it contains.

  • Helps Hair Color Stay Longer

In case you color your hair, you will notice that using usual shampoos means color can fade quickly. It is better to use natural shampoo in such a case. Sulfate present in the usual ones causes the color to fade. 

No doubt, non-organic shampoo comes at a much cheaper price. However, when you have damaged hair, you have to spend a lot of money for hair treatment. In some cases, you might also have to take medications. These costs might add up. Hence, it is better to get natural shampoos and steer clear of these problems. 

There are so many advantages of using natural shampoo. Once you start using it, you are never going to go back to the usual ones. With these, you have the certainty that you are actually using a product which is not just great for the hair but also for the environment, choosing these shows that you care for your hair. 

The rule to choose a natural shampoo is to check that the label doesn’t have more than nine ingredients. Products which have more ingredients usually have harmful synthetic elements. It is necessary to ensure that there are no obscure chemicals which you would rather avoid.

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