How to Stop Hair Loss?

Every woman loves her hair, is one of its main "weapons of mass seduction" and one of the most precious beauty accessories. Therefore, all women are very concerned when multiple precious threads get on the floor, on the pillow or on their clothes. How can we stop this disaster? Let's find out first what are the factors that cause hair loss!

Unlike men, in whom hair loss is hereditary, women face this problem from completely different reasons. Here they are:

Hormonal Disorders Can Be the Main Cause of Hair Loss for Women

During a menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, menopause, women have to do with hormones attack, following which could yield them a little ruffled. In case of pregnancy this problem ends with the baby coming into the world, but if the situation continues you should go to an endocrine consultation.

Stress, Nervous Tension Can Cause a Massive All of a Sudden Hair Loss

It affects mainly women and in a largely having sometimes devastating effects. Experts warn us that severe or prolonged stress can even lead to baldness.

The Administration of Medications, Certain Diseases Has to Do With Hair Loss

Before take a medication it would be better if you will go to ask your doctor or read the prospects carefully. In this way you will get a clear explication about the adverse effects. Anticoagulants, birth control pills, medicines recommended to treat gout, excess of vitamin A, chemotherapeutics – these medicines can cause hair loss. Also, people suffering from hypothyroidism, herpes, fungal infections may notice that their hair falls in greater measure.

Hair Loss Caused by Draconian Diets

When you deprive your body of certain necessary nutrients, internal balance is messed up, and one of the signals is hair loss.

Whether it is caused by stress, fatigue or somatic various ailments, hair loss can be remedied by following some easy tips.

  • You can prepare a mixture of banana paste, honey, yogurt and skimmed milk.This drink will help strengthen your hair roots, so you can drink it as often as possible.
  • Take supplements containing vitamin B6 and zinc, if you don’t assimilate it from your diet.
  • You can massage the scalp very well during washing your hair because this practice revitalizes the blood flow. You will feel revigorated and you will have a very pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Make sure you get enough sleep and try to not to work too much. Excessive stress and fatigue are the most feared enemies of beautiful hair.

At least once a week you can do a mask for your hair to help it to grow healthy and beautiful. We recommend you one of the following remedies:

  • Massages with hot pepper on the hair root
  • Rubbings with garlic
  • Massages with coconut oil
  • Rubbings with corn oil
  • Massages with olive oil
  • Packing clay, egg yolk and olive oil
  • To get rid of dandruff massage the hair root  with coarse salt and let it to action for 3-4 hours.
  • Rinse with nettle tea and burdock.

If you had results with a certain remedy for your hair loss problem, please share below, in the comments – let us know our experience!

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