This article offers you 4 short tips, great tips, about how to get silky legs with the help of Gillette for Women.
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We all hate depilation…at least from time to time…so we must opt for the small, simple to use…razor. This article offers you 4 short tips, great tips, about how to get silky legs with the help of Gillette for Women.

1. Choose Wisely
Choose a razor that is properly equipped for the job. For instance, Gillette offers a complete portfolio of razors to meet every woman’s shaving needs. Gillette’s Venus Vibrance with Soothing Vibrations, the first power wet shaving system for women, provides a close shave. It gently exfoliates to instantly reveal more radiant skin.

2. Take a relaxing bath in foam
Shower or bathe before you shave. Although women’s hair is finer than men’s, it’s still as tough as copper wire of the same thickness. However, hydrating hair with warm water makes it up to 60 percent easier to cut. Take into consideration, do not soak to much, after 15 or 20 minutes water causes your skin to wrinkle and swell slightly, resulting in a shave that’s not as close as you’d like.

3. Use shave gel or foam
Wash your legs and underarms to remove natural oils and perspiration. Apply moisture – rich shave gel before shaving to help keep water in the hair and to ensure the razor glides easily over skin. We recommend: Gillette Satin Care for Women shave gel. Don’t rely on soap to prepare skin for shaving, many soaps cause dryness and flaking.

4. Moisturize, hydrate, make them silky
Moisturizing your legs helps keeps skin hydrated and supple, not to mention glowing. When you have finished shaving, apply a rich moisturizer. Then you can go out, wear your new sexy dress and show-off your silky sexy legs.

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