Five Beauty Tips to Protect Yourself From Chapped Lips This Winter

If you’re fed up of fighting a losing battle against chapped, sore lips every winter, these tips will be a life saver.
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Weather really is the enemy of beauty. If it isn’t the hot sun frizzing your hair and drying out your skin, or the rain testing just how waterproof your make-up really is, it’s the cold. Not only do freezing temperatures make us want to hide away under big baggy jumpers, coats and scarves, it can also have an adverse effect on our skin not too dissimilar from getting too much skin.

When the mercury dips below freezing, the air becomes very dry, and that is bad news for our skin. Most of all, it’s bad news for our poor lips – not only do they tend to be exposed to the elements at all times, the thin, sensitive skin that covers them apparently dries out up to 10 times faster than anywhere else on our body.

No wonder we face the peril of chapped lips every winter. If you’re fed up off fighting a losing battle against chapped, sore lips every winter, these tips will be a life saver.

Drink Plenty

That’s right – keeping yourself properly hydrated can help stop your lips getting so chapped. How does that work, you ask? Well, it’s all to do with the fact that chapping is not caused by your lips getting cold as you might expect, it is all to do with them drying out too quickly when the air is very dry. You get the same problem in very hot, dry conditions, too. Part of the solution in both cases is to keep drinking plenty to replenish the moisture that your skin is losing.

Exfoliate Your Lips

It might sound strange, but your lips benefit as much from being exfoliated as the rest of your skin does. When your lips dry out, a layer of dead skin starts to build up on the inside, and it is this that will eventually crack, breaking the delicate living skin underneath, making your lips sore. By exfoliating, you remove this layer so it doesn’t build up enough to crack.

How do you exfoliate your lips? You can buy special stick-based products just for the job, or a sugar scrub is another good option, partly because it tastes great too.


As the temperatures get hotter, you might notice your hands feeling drier and you’re reaching for your favourite moisturiser more often. Well, we’ve established that your lips go through the same process, so it makes sense to moisturise them, too. This is especially important after you exfoliate, as your lips will be more sensitive and more prone to drying straight after.

Use Sun Block

If you are outdoors for any length of time while there is bright winter sunshine, you should use sun block. It is easy to forget that while the sun doesn’t feel hot, it is still pumping down UV radiation onto you that can do damage to your skin. As most of your body will be covered up to keep you warm, that only really leaves your face to worry about – and most of all your sensitive lips. The last thing you want on top of chapped lips is a dose of sunburn.

Choose Your Lip Balm Carefully

Many people assume that lip balm is a panacea for avoiding chapped lips – and then get confused when they get sore lips anyway. There is always the temptation to combine the functions of lip balm with lip gloss in the form of brightly coloured lip protectors, but be careful – some of the chemicals they contain could do your lips no good at all. Similarly, some people like menthol or eucalyptus flavoured lip balm because of the taste, but these actually dry out your lips.

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