Eyelashes: Longer or Thicker?

Many women want a mascara to bend the lashes, to elongate and provide a spectacular volume. Reality is that few of them need a high-performance product.
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Mascara is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to the eyes and make it look spectacular. It’s role should not be minimized, is the key makeup that puts eye upfront! Mascara has the ability to not only make your eyelashes darker, but also longer and thicker. No matter how good the makeup or makeup techniques you use, with outstanding lashes, your eyes show no charm. Even without makeup, applying mascara, they will gain depth and brightness. Eyelashes sticked like some flies’ legs are not seductive at all, they must seem as natural as possible.

Chose the Right Mascara!

Choosing the right formula is a challenge. Many products promise a lot and it is difficult to decide on one alone. We want eyelashes as thick and long as possible, but often we can get a dramatic effect only by choosing the benefit that we need.

If you have long lashes, there is no point using a stretching formula, but for bending or volume, or only for more definition.

When eyelashes are thick, you can drop the volume and choose elongation or bending.

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara, Black, 0.27 Ounces

Mascara for Lenght

It’s fluid formula is extremely important. It creates a film that gives the effect of stretching. You can recognize it after the supple shape of the tube, long and thin brush with rare bristles.

How to apply: position the brushat the base of the eyelashes, gently press and then pull up. The application is repeated several times, each time the lashes becoming longer.

Volume Mascara

It has a formula that covers every eyelash and thus creating a sense of volume. You’ll find it easy by the bulge tube and rich brush, like a rugby ball.

How to apply: pass the brush several times until the eyelashes have the desired density. Stuck eyelashes must be combed with a clean brush from an old mascara.

Transfer Resistant Mascara

Whether you choose the volume or the lengthening type, you’ll find waterproof versions. These formulas are ideal for people who want their genes to keep it’s impeccable appearance from early morning until late at night, or the ones that need to stay in the sun for a long time, have intense physical activity or often go to the pool. Those with sensitive eyes, hypo-allergenic variants are recommended to avoid eye irritation.

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